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How long are you planning to take off?


Re: How long are you planning to take off?

  • I only get 6 weeks from the Air Force. But, the Navy just increased theirs to 18 weeks so hoping the AF will follow suit. 6 just doesn't seem like enough
  • I get 6 weeks I may need 8 but not sure what is going to happen so in saving every thing I can so I can shoot for the 8 weeks
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  • The office I work for doesn't qualify for FMLA. In Louisiana I think more people take 6-8 weeks off unless they have FMLA. Depending on where finances are with me and H will determine how long I stay out. I keep hoping and praying maybe I will get to stay home with him/her but I don't see that happening.
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    I work 40 hours a week right now and I'm planning on taking 6 weeks off while getting paid a percentage of my wages, then going down to 32 hours for a while after that. My company offers an extended unpaid "bonding" leave, 12 weeks I can take at any time before baby's first birthday. So I guess if I feel like I need more time and I used my vacation time already, I can take a few days or a week here and there.
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    With my first child I was only able to take 6 weeks leave. However, with my current employer we receive 12 weeks paid and can take additional time off, so I plan on enjoying both of my children for a full 16 weeks before I go back to work. 
  • A full year! In Canada, maternity benefits are paid by the government and each woman is entitled to receive up to $2500 a month for 12 months. My employer supplements that for 12 weeks and pays the difference up to 80% of my income.
  • I'm living in the UK at the moment so very lucky to be taking a year off with my job - they're already talking about a
    recruitment strategy for my year temp to cover my job. Also enjoying the free healthcare!
  • This will be my third baby. My first maternity leave was 14 weeks and my second was 5 months. This time I will be taking about 6 months off. I'm a teacher. I will take the rest of the school year off and then I will be on summer vacation. 6 weeks of my maternity leave and summer vacation will be paid. The rest will be unpaid.



  • I will be taking 12 weeks which is the most I'm able to, but maybe I can squeeze an extra week in there or so as I will be returning as PRN or as needed and will get to choose how much I work (I'm a nurse). I will have four years of earned medical time saved up and will have a little earned time off saved up as well so I should have enough to be paid for about 8-10 weeks. The rest, I will take unpaid and just save up between now and then.
  • In Ontario we get a year off - I'm obviously taking the whole year off, debating on when to start it though. Due date Feb 25, it will be snowy and cold and gross out so I'll probably not want to keep commuting during that. I'm thinking I'll start my leave roughly a month before. That way I also have time to relax and prepare myself.
  • Taking the whole maternity leave which is 1 year in Canada :)
  • 1 year? Canada is awesome!
  • I took my company's full 12 weeks even after going on bed rest 3 weeks before my son was delivered. I definitely recommend researching with your HR dept on what your options are as I did not plan to have to take early leave AND enjoying every second of time away.
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