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OB breaking my water

I am going into L&D Monday at 6 am and since I am already 4cm and 90% effaced, my doctor is just going to break my water. Then she will see if I even need the pitocin after that. Does it hurt when they use the hook? And also, I was given the option to get the epi beforehand in case I dilate quickly or to wait and see how I feel. Any/all opinions are welcome. I am so excited to meet this Team Green Baby!

Re: OB breaking my water

  • No experience but yay baby time! Good luck on Monday :)
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  • I didn't feel a thing! Just the gush after >:D<
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  • Can't wait to see what your having! I love it when moms are team green! Good luck!
  • They had to break my water and no, to me it wasn't bad. I was scared it was going to hurt but it was just a little uncomfortable. The contractions that start after your water is broken is worse. If you plan on getting and epidural see if they will give it to you before breaking your water.
  • I was induced with my first and wasn't effaced or dilated when I went in (41 weeks). After they gave me cervadell (3 times), they decided to pop my water instead of another round of cervadell. Same as you, they waited to see with no pitocin.

    It DID hurt me. Felt like a very sharp cramp. The dr used a long plastic crochet hook thing. They told me to sit on my fists to help the angle. His first attempt was a fail either from that or me shooting up the bed because I didn't anticipate it hurting that bad.

    The gush will leave you really warm and the clean up is equally pleasing (insert sarcastic eye roll), but I didn't need pitocin and after my epidural I felt great!

    *if you plan on an epidural, order it when they pop your water. It is going to take a solid 30 minutes to an hour to get the anesthesiologist to get there, and those contractions can come quick! I ordered mine right away and had 3 contractions (enough for me)!

    Best of luck and happy almost delivery day!
  • I agree with PP, contractions post water breaking are way more intense then pre so if you are wanting an epidural, I'd go ahead and get one right away.
  • Breaking my water didn't hurt me at all. Just uncomfortable, like a check. Then I had to have a mat under me even on the ball and stuff.

    I'm not sure about the contractions since I was on pitocin but boy, I waited too long for it. Don't do that, order it ASAP ;). Good luck!!!




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    At what point do docs offer to break your water? I'm curious because I'm due next week with no signs of any contractions so if I pass my due date I will be bumming. Do I have to be dilated to a minimum or experiencing non-consistent contractions?

    Ftm here so I am following the responses.
  • No experience, good luck mama! Hope for a safe and healthy delivery!
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  • I was at 6 cm and 90% effaced when they broke my water. It didn't hurt, but it was A LOT of fluid and as PP said, the contractions are very intense after that. I wish I would have gotten an epi beforehand because by the time they got the required fluids in me and got the epidural in, I was already 10 cm. If you want one, get one beforehand because you may progress quickly. Good luck!
  • With my oldest it did not hurt when they broke my water, I was 3 days past my due date. I would suggest getting the epidural just as soon as they offer it because once the pitocin starts the contractions are a beast!! Best of luck!!
  • I was 4-5cm when I went in, no real contractions that I could feel, but the monitor was picking them up and they broke my water. Didn't hurt at all but once my water breaks it's GAME ON. This is how it's been w both kids. I made the mistake of not getting the epidural before and had to wait...and didn't have time to get it. This time I will absolutely get it before they break my water! Good luck! Woohoo!
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    It is just as painful as getting your cervix examined as the dr is all up in there but the hook does not hurt. The flood that follows is a TON and the push on your tummy to get more out. I was 4-5 cm as well. Pain got intense right after!
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  • Breaking my water with the hook didn't hurt at all. For the me the contractions were bareable until 6cm which was about 4-5hrs after they broke my water. I was only 1cm when they broke it though.

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  • gulimzgulimz member
    Yay! !! Baby time! !!
    I don't have any experience in anything, but honestly, I would take any med offering as soon as possible.
    Many many t&p for a safe easy breezy delivery for you! !! Can't wait to see baby greens announcement!
    (Ps, if you do get pit, tell me how it is so I'm prepared for Thursday)
  • Thank you all so very much. Such great responses. I will definitely get the epi! And keep you all posted on how it went.
  • Good luck! I agree, I would get the epi as soon as it was offered, but I know I want one 100% and if I could get away without feeling a single contraction, I would be one happy lady!

  • Exciting! GL!
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  • Good luck!
    My water has never broken on its own.  I got the "hook" every time.  but was in active labor when they broke the water, it didn't hurt to me or even feel any more uncomfortable than a regular check, but.... I was in active labor so I might have been a little too distracted.  Wishing you the best!
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  • It doesn't hurt to have your water broken... just kind of feels like you peed yourself. :o)

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  • I had no idea they broke my water until they said, "okay, we just broke your water!".. Haha, if you have the epi beforehand you won't really feel a gush of water either. There's so much going on down there you won't have any clue!
  • You all have made me feel better! Even though I am sure the contractions that will follow are far worse than the Dr breaking my water- I have to admit that the unknown kinda has me scared. Thanks all!
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