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Super Silly frustration

This is a completely silly and not important frustration but it really bothers me...I had to take my engagement ring off about a month ago cause of swelling and now with the summer heat and swelling I have to take my wedding band off. It makes me so sad cause I love my rings so much and it just makes me feel more gross and fat...Baby S can't come soon enough...

Re: Super Silly frustration

  • Welcome to the club!
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  • Mine are off to :( it's such a horrible feeling when I look at them and know how badly I want them on!
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  • I had to take mine off at 25 weeks. It really sucks but I'm hoping I can put them back on soon!
  • Totally agree :-( I even bought a cheap larger ring to wear but it didn't last long :-(
  • I took mine off about 2 weeks ago and only wear it on occasion. Will be glad to wear it regularly again but it's just uncomfortable right now...especially in the morning. Oh well, I only have a few days left (hopefully).
  • Mine have been dangling from my necklace since around 30 wks!
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    I can't take my engagement ring or wedding ring off.. I'm so nervous they'll have to cut them off of me if my fingers swell any more  :((
  • Wow, if I were you I would be damn proud that I was able to wear them that long!! Mine have been off for months now - my fingers turn into little sausages during the day and it was just too uncomfortable and even though they are insured, not so sure that it would be covered if I had to have those babies cut off! If it bothers you though, I hear of a lot of girls going to Wal Mart or something and buying a fake one that fits for the duration of their pregnancy. I get it, but seriously, still impressed you lasted this long!

  • Can you maybe wear them on your pinky finger? I would be upset too. I would feel naked. I keep hearing that I'm very lucky bc I have hardly any swelling and due in 4 days.
  • Mine came off at 34wks I think. Since you made it this long they should fit pretty soon after delivery.

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  • I took mine off maybe 2 weeks ago bc my swelling just got to the point where they are so uncomfortable and I almost couldn't get them off!! I miss them as well. I have them on a necklace so I can still "wear" them if I want. Soo enough .... I hope lol
  • I was super sad when I had to stop wearing mine! I can't wait for my fingers to deflate so I can wear them again!
  • Can you maybe wear them on your pinky finger? I would be upset too. I would feel naked. I keep hearing that I'm very lucky bc I have hardly any swelling and due in 4 days.

    I started off with mine on my pinky, but after a mishap of slinging one off into a trash can and having to dig for it-they got moved to the necklace.
  • Same here! I hate it :P
  • I had to take the ring of mY mum gave me AGES ago which was also a bit to big on my fingers safe to say I think we all have sausage fingers ATM! Haha
  • Mine have been off for weeks.
  • I haven't worn mine in a month! It makes me so sad because they are so beautiful.
  • Took mine off a few months ago and are on my necklace now. I squished them back on for my shower and maternity pics a few weeks ago (ouch ouch ouch, both days were wicked humid and made me swell more!). I have only had them on for a little over a year, so switching back to my promise ring (which I never got resized and wore on middle right finger) was enough to keep me from feeling naked. Fingers crossed they can go back on right after delivery.
  • Mine are off and people are so judgey! I'm sick of being asked if I have a "partner." Yes, I've been married for 5 years, thank you!
  • I understand! I took my engagement ring off a few weeks ago too. Im now 39wk2d and this morning im thinking even so close to the due date im going to have to try some stuff to get the wedding band off. The swelling went down since I got up but ive been sleeping in it and today I had a huge indention and my finger was hurting so bad. It sucks, but better to just get it off than have to have it cut!!
  • I had to ake mine off around 33 weeks and I feel naked every time I look at my hand. I hate it but better that than having them cut off. I tried wearing then about a week ago and I almost didn't get then back off. So...They will safely stay hidden away until baby arrives. Just praying this swelling goes down quick-ish after gets here. I was pretty sad too so you're not silly for being upset by this!
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