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Totally just freaked myself out. Lol

With reading posts about all the babies coming early and the crap about the full moon I just realized that in no more than 5 days I will be holding my baby girl (c-section on Wednesday August 5th if not here before that).

Then I start a mental checklist and realized I have yet to wash the crib bedding or any of her blankets. Lol. I have the crib set up but haven't put the bedding on it yet since we have dogs and they shed like crazy. Lol.

Needless to say everything is washing now.

Re: Totally just freaked myself out. Lol

  • I get it! I'm on the countdown too and scheduled Thursday the 6th. Enjoy your last weekend momma!
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  • I'm scheduled for the 4th and freaking out. So ready, but not actually ready. My house is a mess (I have four kids running around. What's messy for me, isn't really that messy.), my grandmother is coming in tomorrow from California to help with the other kids, my father and step-mother are coming in from Texas early Tuesday morning, I still haven't finished packing my hospital bag, and the nursery isn't done yet! Hoping to have a huge burst of energy tomorrow!

    But I'm so freaking excited to have this baby girl and finally meet her. But as this is my last pregnancy, its kinda bittersweet, I'm never going to feel this MMA fighter kicking and punching and moving around again.

    Good luck with you surgery's ladies. We got this! ;)
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