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It's been forever since DH and I have gone on a date (months), and when we talk about doing something it's usually because we're trying to save money before LO gets here and opt just to cook supper at home. But lately, I feel like he's always going out with his friends. Maybe not always, but definitely a few times in the last few weeks, and this weekend he has plans to go out tonight and Sunday with his work buddies. I can't help but feel jealous.. It's like, if you can go out your friends why is it too much to go out with me? We just moved here less than a year ago so I don't really have a lot of people to spend time with here myself, so I tend to just hang out at home. Am I wrong for feeling this way?

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  • ^^This. I would take myself out for a pedicure and lunch and if he asked me about how much I spent or whatever, I would ask him the same thing.
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  • I would have a hard time accepting that! I would encourage you to try and talk with him about how you honestly feel. It's hard to give advice when we're not sure what his reasoning is but I would say something should change!
  • Joie80Joie80 member
    I agree with pps. Saving money needs to require sacrifice across the board, not just on your end.

    Also, you mentioned you don't have many friends. It would probably be a good idea to try to meet a few people to hang out with. We move frequently with DH's job and there have been times when I've been frustrated with DH. However, my frustrations were rooted in my loneliness. I believe couples thrive when they enjoy one another AND when they have a life outside of one another. As PP said, if he can afford to go out with friends, he can afford to take you out. But, make sure you're not looking to him to fulfill all of your social needs.
  • Sounds like a great time to schedule the following: hair appointment, mani, pedi, massage and facial! :D
  • Miz_Liz said:

    If he has outright given you the excuse that you guys should be saving money for when the baby gets here and not spending on a date night, I would call his ass out on this right now. That is definitely a big load of BS to tell his pregnant WIFE that and then turn around and go out with his friends. And if he says he doesn't spend money with them, I would be a total bitch and say, "Okay, give me your wallet then, you take your license and I'll take the rest." That is bullshit in my book.

    ^^^^ this 100%
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