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Help I feel so guilty !

Sooo my whole entire pregnancy I've been craving a turkey sandwich and I have not caved in at all because all the things I read on google about listeria and other bacteria ik the meat scare me! Well today I woke up craving a turkey bagel sandwich from this little store we have in town and they slice the meat off the block right in front of you and make your sandwich fresh. I'm really thinking about just caving in and getting it because we're so close to the end of our pregnancies already but then again I'm still nervous about it and I think I would feel so guilty if I ate one! Somebody help me please and tell me if I would be a bad person to eat just one sandwich!

Re: Help I feel so guilty !

  • Like the previous people said. Eat the sandwich. Don't feel guilty about it. You'll be fine.
  • Eat the sandwich. I was super nervous with my first this time yeah no haha I wish I hadn't been so pariniod last time. Makes life so much easier haha
  • I've eaten turkey sandwiches the whole time. And during my last two pregnancies, too. You'll be fine - go treat yourself!! :)
  • Eat the sandwich! I've had a turkey sandwich from Subway for lunch for the past two days. I've also eaten sushi, crab legs, blue cheese dressing, unpasteurized honey, etc. I waited till my third trimester for all of it, but baby and I are fine! Use your judgement and enjoy!
  • I've eaten turkey the entire time. Boars Head brand is safe and that's what most places have, you'll be fine
    I agree that you should eat the sandwich if you are aware of the risks, but let's not go crazy and suggest that 'boars head brand is safe' because it's not.  Deli meat is more susceptible to lysteria because of how it's handled/sliced.   Now, I might be inclined to believe if they slice it fresh off a whole roasted breast in front of you (deli meat is typically processed and then formed into a shape resembling a turkey breast) then it might be less susceptible, but still not totally safe if they use the same knife/boards/tools to slice it as they do other meat.

    Generally speaking though, deli meat is a low risk.
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  • I eat turkey sandwiches like 4 days a week. Go for it. You'll be fine, and happier, if you eat it! 
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    They've come up with so many silly rules about pregnancy. Obviously raw meats and mercury-contaminated fish, no. Cooked deli from an establishment that is local and isn't experiencing an outbreak? Go for it. Get that sandwich and enjoy every bite!
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  • I you're still worried just get a hot turkey sandwich. Heating the meat to steaming kills any bacteria that may be present.
  • I ate a lb of store made roast beef by myself last Friday to Sunday eat your sandwich lol
  • I'm not trying to downplay your concerns by saying this.

    But this is the #1 reason pregnancy gets old. All of the 'do this, don't do that, eat this, don't eat that,' ect. Of course stay away from the totally obvious harmful things, what your doc recommends, and trust your instinct, but don't feel like the worst mother out there because you had a piece of lunch meat!

    I feel like there is so much pressure to be the perfect pregnant person. I used to worry a lot about caffeine because that was the hardest for me to cut down. I stay within the guidelines, but if I go over I don't stress out anymore. It wasn't worth the undue stress.

    At this stage in pregnancy I do trust my body and baby to tell me what's ok and what isn't. Half the time I stop eating and drinking (ie morning coffee) knowing I've had enough before I mentally told myself to stop! I find that interesting.

    Anyway, my point is be kind to yourself. You aren't a bad person or mother over eating a common food like turkey meat.
  • I have been so good my whole entire pregnancy - and the only time I had something "bad" it was really good, but soo bad... We were at a restaurant and I HAD to order a tatar with horse meat - so a REAL tatar... I have never seen that on a menu before and had to have it - my MIL who is a prenatal nurse just went "eeeeewwwww' and my father in law, a doctor was like "Yes!!!" No lightning struck me. But I did feel guilty for a while... Go for the sandwich! :)
  • I have been eating lunch meat and hotdogs my whole pregnancy! I feel like hey babies were born fine back in the days when people didn't even have refrigerators and are meat practically raw, I think I'll be fine lol. There are too many dumb rules surrounding pregnancy, have the sandwich and enjoy!
  • Yeah not gonna lie I've had turkey sandwich and ham sandwich this week. I made them at home. I don't feel even the slightest bit of guilt. I woke up on my belly today now THAT, I feel guilty for.
  • I've eaten turkey the entire time. Boars Head brand is safe and that's what most places have, you'll be fine

    Same here. My OB told me it was ok. That is all I could it in the first trimester anyway...I've had cold cuts the entire time no problem.
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