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Perks of being pregnant

It's so easy to focus on the pain and discomfort that comes with pregnancy especially in the third trimester. I'm curious to hear what your favorite perks are. I have two. 1) DH never screens my calls, even when he's at work. 2) Everyone constantly encourages me to go ahead and eat extra sweets. I feel like it's the only time I can eat three donuts in a row 100% judgement-free!

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  • My favorite perk is actually feeling healthier than I did before. I've had to see specialists for what they believe to be Chron's disease. It was something I struggled with daily but since being pregnant, I have been sooo much better (guess this is common for autoimmunes). I'm hoping my system doesn't go back to how it was!
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  • Foot rubs whenever I want from my hubby.
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    People holding doors, being extra nice, family and friends always doing things for you (especially my mother who has been a lifesaver), and eating whatever with 0 guilt. I actually feel guilty about not eating when I have no appetite sometimes.
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    One of the malls near me has mommy-to-be parking spots next to handicapped spots. The lazy girl in me loves this.
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  • I had acne until my first pregnancy at age 34. My skin cleared up in the first trimester and I've never had pimples since! Woot!
  • No period is good.  Not looking forward to the 6-8 weeks of bleeding ahead of me.

    Other than that, I get to telework everyday until baby is born.  This is probably correlated with being pregnant, but I love not having to get dressed up and on the train every day.  I will probably be really excited to do this when it's time to go back to work though.


  • I like not being expected to help with certain things. My DH always says to just sit back and he will take care of it. Naturally though it's not in my DNA to just sit pretty, I feel worthless so I'm always doing things I shouldn't or overdoing it. Mostly because I'm pigheaded and damn stubborn and want to do it all
  • No periods! No acne! Both of those have been horrendous for my growing up. And so far I've been blessed with no stretch marks (still have 2 weeks so..knock on wood). Not having a period for 9 months has been a blessing. This 6-8 weeks of bleeding after delivery has me terrified of the mess to come.
  • I have to say that one of the perks that I've noticed is that I'm so much less focused on myself than ever before. I tend to over think things and get anxiety and second guess everything I do. Also, I'm generally way over obsessed with the way I look and always having to be perfect. Since I've been pregnant I've never been more confident!! I feel like I have something way bigger than me happening. I feel like I'm borrowing someone else's body so I'm treating it like I should be treating myself (aka....i have gestational diabetes so I've given up any and all indulgences because of it for the health of the other person I'm sharing my body with). I also like the fact that I'm seeing different sides of people because of this. For instance, I never realized that teenagers, of all people, seem to be so interested in it. I could go on and on....I'd love to say that I love being able to eat fun food but I haven't had a single donut this entire pregnancy. Boooo. 4 weeks!!
  • The cook at the Chinese restaurant said he gave my order since extra love yesterday. People smile at me ALL the time it's like I make thier day? Hubby is always green lighting me to take a load off and relax. Not cleaning the litterbox. My bosses believing in pregnancy brain....
    The list is endless
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