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False hope after stripping membrane

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I had my 39 week check and I am 2cm and 50% thinned out. While he was in there he said he would strip my membrane and then said I'd have a little bleeding. Well, I started bleeding immediately and then came the cramps and contractions lasting all day coming every 5-6 min. And lasting only 30-50 sec. Not strong enough to make me run to the hopsital but I did call and the nurse said all this is good and normal and to just keep doing what I'm doing...well I was really excited and thought this was it!! Yay!
Then got home after a long tiring work day to have my contractions land farther apart and then stop all together CRY!!! I did sleep pretty good though and now today I have some light contrations. Just like yesterday didnt even happen. I am kinda bummed to be honest. Just a let down. I know my baby girl will come when she is ready but now i am afraid it will never happen. I know dramatic! Lol! Anyone else had this happen? And start labor soon after again?

Re: False hope after stripping membrane

  • I got stripped at 40 weeks and had contractions that night. Then they stopped. Had contractions all day the next day. Then they stopped. Then had them the next day and he was finally born that evening.
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  • I had mine stripped yesterday at 40+2 and didn't even have the slightest of cramping. Literally nothing. This kid is never coming out!
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  • Oh man! That's not very reassuring. :(
  • While you're waiting, one thing you might do is edit the racial slur typo out of your original post.
  • Yep, got mine stripped with last two kids and probably won't do it again. I was 42 weeks first one and went into labor the next day after she did it. The second she stripped them at 40 weeks and I didn't have baby till 42 weeks anyhow :(
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    Gee thanks @JNOVA2015
    By the way, it was a TYPO. And you shouldn't be thinking like that anyway because it wasn't put in that context.

  • kburgo47 said:
    I think I fixed it. Not sure if that was the bad word??? But it was the only typo I could find. @JNOVA2105 By the way, it was a TYPO. And you shouldn't be thinking like that anyway.
    I realize it was just a typo, my point was that I wouldn't want a slur like that in something I wrote even if it was accidental - glad you fixed it!

    And I only noticed it when I saw it because it's a terrible anti-semitic slur for a Jewish person, and I'm a Jewish person.  Nothing nefarious about how my brain works, I promise.  More power to you that you don't know it - I wish everyone in the world would forget it.
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