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Cut, stapled and mended

Hi all! I am currently 10 weeks with my second and going for a vbac. I have hired and doula and been fortunate enough to find the best doctor/midwife/hospital near me known for vbacs. I am still trying to process my c section (2 years later) and trying to mentally prepare myself for the birth of my second child. Someone recommended I read Cut, stapled and mended which I just started. Has anyone read this book? I can't tell if this is going to be helpful or just bring up bad feelings.. So far it's pretty intense. Anyways, just wondering if any other vbac moms have stumbled upon this read.

Re: Cut, stapled and mended

  • Did you find it too intense? I'm 9 weeks with baby 2 and going for a VBAC and heard this book recommendation as well...
  • So I'm waaay late to this post, but LOVED this book. I dealt with postpartum depression and anxiety after my c and this book was everything I needed and more. I'm actually reading through it again right now!
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