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Torn b/t 2 names for both genders

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I'm due Tuesday and dont' know the gender...we are torn b/t:

Girl:  Tess *edit* Elizabeth/Olivia*   AND   Piper Lynn
Boy:  Weston Paul AND Brooks ___ (maybe Paul/Timothy...) 

middle names aren't as important to us as first names.  

I would love to hear any thoughts opinions suggestions from you ladies.  TIA!

Re: Torn b/t 2 names for both genders

  • Girl: Tess
    Boy: Brooks (love this name)
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  • I prefer Tess as a nn for Theresa but I still like it better than Piper which is quite trendy.

    Both names are very trendy as well.

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  • crf4crf4
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    Tess but not Leah, I think you need something longer but LynnorAnn looks made up (is this a family spelling or name?)
    Brooks is a guilt pleasure name for me but since I'm a runner all it makes me think of is the athletic brand.
  • Lynnor? You mean Lenore right?

    Lenore is lovely if you spell it right, otherwise stick with tess.
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  • Based on your options, I prefer Tess Leah and Brooks Timothy.

    Tessa Lynn 
    Wesley Paul

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  • Tess is ok
    What about Lenore (mn Ann)?  Love Lenore but I would definitely side-eye Lynnor.

    Weston is one of my guilty pleasures but as PP has said it is very trendy.  Brooks makes me think the parents are either a big country music fans (Garth Brooks/Brooks & Dunn) or just really like Shawshank Redemption.

  • How about Tess Lenore?
    And Timothy Paul?
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  • crf4 said:
    Tess but not Leah, I think you need something longer but LynnorAnn looks made up (is this a family spelling or name?) Brooks is a guilt pleasure name for me but since I'm a runner all it makes me think of is the athletic brand.

    I read it as Lynn OR Ann with the spaces missing. Not a fan of Tess Leah because it kind of sounds like Tesla. Don't really care for any of the MN options with Tess because of the flow. All are short, 1 syllable names. I like one of them to be longer. Liked the suggestion of Theresa, NN Tess. I'm NAF of either boy options. They're both uber trendy sounding to me. I do like the boy MNs. Timothy Paul is a solid name.
  • tess and weston(even thought i dont like it,but i hate brooks)

  • Piper and Brooks get my vote. If Tess was Tessa or Weston was Wesley I would vote for those.
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  • I like Tessa more than I like Tess (but I don't like the name combo Tessa Leah....the middle name would have to change). Tessa Lynn?

    Brooks for a boy. 
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  • Thanks for all your opinions.  We have 2 kids right now a girl Regan and boy Hunter.  For this one leaning toward Tess (or Tessa) for the girl...and for the boy I like Brooks Timothy as you suggested or Weston Paul as I mentioned above.  I guess we'll see how we feel when the baby comes!  
  • Weston reminds me of the guns manufacturer. I don't understand the Easton/Weston trend. They both sound corporations that make chemicals or something. I know three boys under three named Easton, but both names strike me as trendy. I like brooks a lot and I think Tessa is a lovely, underused name. Good luck on Tuesday!

  • Tess and Brooks
  • Tess & Brooks

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  • LNic5LNic5
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    Tessa Elizabeth and Brooks Timothy
  • LNic5 said:
    Tessa Elizabeth and Brooks Timothy
    This.  I much prefer Tessa over Tess.  
    Because fall

  • I like Therese or Theresa NN Tess for girls.
    Abstaining from boys because I see those as two last names.

  • Tess sounds like a nn or an incomplete name. And both boys names sound like surnames so I can't really say there's a combo I like. All your middle names are good though, I suggest a FN mn combo out of those instead.
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