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  • It's like more than one person picked names.  You have some nice choices then you click again and it's a WTF moment.

  • Ha! "Blaxton-It's like Jaxton, but not as over-used" made me LOL!
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  • Best line: "It's like Jaxson, just not as over-used."
  • WTF.

    This is how I imagine she wrote this list.
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  • CGlessCGless
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    It's a mixed bag alright. Some great, some terrible. Don't know about medieval though lol.
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    Asher - is Hebrew and likely would get you drummed out of the average dark ages town. It's how it was back then :(
    Emeline - Was popular at the turn of the 20th century. Not the 14th. Similarly with Cecily. 
    Thea is greek. It is likely more ancient than the dark ages. 
    Blaxton is JUST like Jaxton. Complete garbage. 

    I quit at this point. 

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