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New Mommy Apps

As a prepare for my little enter this world, I was hoping to find some phone apps to help me along the way. Have any of you found/used any apps for tracking feedings, sleep, diaper changes, etc.? If so, which ones are useful, which did you hate?

Re: New Mommy Apps

  • Following this thread.  We used Baby ESP for DS and I just found out that it was discontinued...I'm very sad and need a new one. 
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    I'm still using Wonder Weeks for my son. It tracks development milestones but not feeding and diapering. I used an app called Mommababy to track breastfeeding and diaper stuff.
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  • I'm still using Wonder Weeks for my son. It tracks development milestones .

    Loved wonder weeks! I actually JUST stopped using it at around 18ish months.
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  • Babyconnect! You can track everything from feedings to poops and dr visits.
  • Baby Log is awesome. It is the only tracker you need for your newborn.

    Wonder Weeks is interesting but not that useful, IMO.

    Lose It is good for tracking your weight loss.
  • We used Wonder Weeks as well, it helped when we were having a rough week.  I liked being able to think "Oh you're being a little monster because you're learning how to do X, Y or Z and not just because you hate Mommy".  

    Has anyone tried iBaby? It came up when I was searching for ESP and it looks really similar.  It tracks poops, pees, nursing, bottles, growth, medicine and sleep.  
  • Baby Connect was excellent for me to use for diapering/feeding schedules, it helped me feel a weird sense of control by documenting that stuff when I was having trouble breastfeeding.

    The Wonder Weeks I felt was REALLY useful because it did help me understand that my baby was going through a growth spurt and not just going insane randomly.

    A friend of mine used iBaby and loved it, it has a color-matcher for the poop, LOL!

  • I used total baby for the first month or so to track sleep, feedings and diaper changes.

    I loved wonder weeks for developmental milestones!
  • Medela has an app as well
  • The one I have downloaded is called BabyNursing. Can't speak to its efficiency or anything yet Bc my LO isn't here yet.
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