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My OB is on vacation...

I do not like the other doc in the office. I saw her one time at the beginning of my pregnancy because I thought I had a yeast infection. When she asked what I was there for, I told her "My vagina itches". No point in sugar coating it in front of a doctor, right? She looked appalled, and actually made me feel very uncomfortable about the situation. It was actually just an allergic reaction to a new soap, but still.
Now, the doc I have seen since I was 14, that also delivered my DD is on vacation for 2 weeks. I went last week and had to see the evil doc. (I know she isnt evil, just my nickname for her) Originally she seemed pretty nice and was telling me if I could just make it to 38 weeks, we could talk about inducing a little earlier than originally planned.(they want me to go a bit early because of an amniotic band and a placenta/umbilical cord problem, not just me being selfish or impatient) We are talking about inducing 2 days earlier than originally planned.
Today I saw her again and it was like we had never discussed this and that she wants to call the high risk doc and rediscuss inducing at all, because she has now decided it is inappropriate.
So my doc and the high risk doc have had this planned for several weeks now, but you (a less experienced doc) want to change it?? I just want MY doc to come back. Thank God he will be back next week.

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August 26, 2015

Re: My OB is on vacation...

  • At least it looks like you aren't due for almost a month yet, so there should be plenty of time for your doctor to come back before that 38 week mark anyway. I do hate getting replacement doctors though. I really like mine, and the others I have occasionally had to deal with are just always a disappointment :(
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  • My doc is on vacay too, I get to meet his replacement on Wednesday. DH happens to work with her H and said he is very strange individual.. Hoping it's not the same with her!
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  • Oh my! They couldn't get a hold of my doctor last friday when I had a L&D scare.. Tuesday I panicked and made him promise he would be there because I would close my legs and hold him in until he got there! :)) I cannot imagine any one else coming in to deliver my little guy. I am so happy with my own doctor!
  • I will be 39 weeks when my Dr is on vacay next week too! The other Dr in the practice is awful and my Dr didn't even tell me that he would be gone next week, the receptionist did at my appointment this morning. Super annoyed! I hope baby either comes this weekend or can hold out until he's a full 40 weeks.
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