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Help with middle name!!!!

we have decided on Ezra for our baby boys first name but cannot decide on a middle name. DH wants Cruz (his moms maiden name) and I want Anthony (family name
on my fathers side) which do you think sounds better? Our last name starts with a P and is 3 syllables

Ezra Cruz
Ezra Anthony

Re: Help with middle name!!!!

  • Of those two, I would pick Ezra Cruz though it's not really my style. I like Anthony a lot but Ezra Anthony has no flow with the two A sounds back to back.
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  • Im with PP. I don't like the two A's next to each other. So I would go for Ezra Cruz. 
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  • LNic5LNic5
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    Ezra Cruz flows better
  • Ezra Cruz!
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  • I love your names! Ezra Cruz for sure. I actually wanted to chose Cruz but my husband wasn't crazy about it.
  • Ezra Cruz flows more to me.
  • Ezra Anthony sounds better then Ezra Cruz ...I don't like the double Z's. Ezra Paul sounds good .
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