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I don't know if she wants out or what lol...

FTM 38w5d...

Now my LO has been pretty active for months so movement isnt anything mew. However, The last few days I have noticed she has been Soo active. More of the rolling, squirming, headbutting my bladder and pelvis type moving. My bump literally looks like it's doing the wave lol.

She also graciously gave me my first sneeze-piddle and lightening bolt from my.cervix to vagina thanks to a VERY strong headbutt.

Last week Dr said she was engaged and I was 70% effaced, dilated and soft--which I know indicates no idea when labor is coming just that im progressing towards it. We'll see what she says tom.

But I swear I think she's trying to bump, wiggle, and head butt her way out!

Re: I don't know if she wants out or what lol...

  • I'm only 35+5 and I swear I have lightening crotch 75% of the day. N I'm not sure what my belly button looks/feels like from the inside but she's been non stopping hitting it this week!! It's the weirdest thing! N may I add, not comfortable! Lol
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  • FTM here too (38+3) and I've had the exact same experience! Over the last week she is just super active for hours on end especially at night, and i can feel her hitting my cervix at times too which is the wierdest sensation. That said she hasn't dropped and i have no other indication that she's on her way out so I'm putting it down to her just being at her biggest!

    A lot of the mamas I've spoken to say their only indication of labour was contractions with their first babies. No lightening, no water breaking, no show of any description, all labours starting in the middle of the night...I'm banking on that being my experience too and just taking each day as it comes - keeps me sane! :)
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  • I'm due next week and having lots of movement as well. But NO contractions, 1cm dilated...and it's becoming mentally exhausting. Every night I think "tonight could be the night"!! My last day of work was the 17th if that's any indication of how bored I am. I'll know better next time lol.
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