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Heheh no wonder......

This isn't rellly a vent or anything but something funny. My mom is coming to town on Sunday, and as most know, my sil and bil have been staying with me. Well, I was complaining to my friend about how out of the blue toady, sil is against my plans of moving her son into the room with them so my mom can stay in the nursery. It's been the plan for weeks. WEEKS. So I was complaining and my friend goes, "and she wonders why you get so mad at her"
So I'm not crazy after all, others think this is b.s. too!!!

With two weeks until EDD, I'm just going to let h handle it. :3

Re: Heheh no wonder......

  • So even though you have been housing them, your mom shouldnt have somewhere to stay during her visit?? Umm yes for sure let H handle it!! My claws would be out!
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