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June 2015 Moms old am I?!

anyone else having severe postpartum acne? It's worse than when I was a teenager! It's all in my chin and jawline. I'm even embarrassed for my husband to see it...I know it's dumb hormones, but anyone find anything that helps?

Re: old am I?!

  • This is me too!!! It's so bad. I have my pp appointment tomorrow and I'm going to ask what I can use while BF.
  • i had really bad acne below my nose and on my chin for like 2 weeks after i gave birth. i totally feel you.
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  • I do too! It's sporadic over my face. My face was completely clear while pregnant...I miss it.
  • Oh gah I thought it was just me. I have the worst acne right now. Even my arms are covered :(( I'm ashamed to leave the house. I'm going to try a sugar scrub for dead skin I have never tolerated acne meds well.

  • Yessss.....all over my chin, and in the weirdest random earlobe, behind my ear, on top of my ear, what in the world?!?!?!
  • Yes! All around my ears too! And now down my neck! Ugh. Well at least I'm not the only one..but sorry everyone else has to deal with this! I emailed my doc because my pp isn't for another week and a half but she said I should just see a dermatologist. I don't feel like going in though if there's nothing really to do while I'm BF. I wish I knew some natural/safe way to take care of this! Or medication that's safe
  • I've had adult acne issues in my late twenties then after facial treatments it got better. So in my thirties I had no issues. I was also relieved that during my pregnancy I had that glow.

    But now...ugh. My skin feels gross and oily. I'm getting all these breakouts around my nose and chin. Which I believe is hormonal acne. So I guess it makes sense since I just had a baby and my hormones are adjusting?

    @devyns2nd what kind of sugar scrub are you using? I made one with brown sugar and coconut oil but i haven't tried it on my face. I'm wondering if it might work.
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    Try using breast milk on your spots if you're bf. Sounds weird but worked wonders for me!
  • Oh I'll have to try that! How often did you put it on in a day?
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    @CillyMama I haven't made one yet. I was going to try and find a good recipe for face and body. My biggest fear is the sugar or oils making it worse. Maybe Epsom salt would be better than sugar???
  • @devyns2nd I know what you mean about the oils. I've tried tea tree oil which I heard works wonders but it made my skin even worse :(

    I hope this acne is just a postpartum phase and that it goes away soon!
  • Always had crystal clear skin...getting minor breakouts that look bad to me, but prob less than mild to others..,but hold up - I have the WORST back acne EVER!!! I've never had it before and it is abundant and sometimes painful. Not sure what to do about is really bad
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