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Raleigh Delivering Moms WAKE MED NORTH on Falls of the Neuse??

This location just opened in May, is anyone planning to deliver there? I've heard "don't deliver at wake med" multiple times, so I chose Rex which is an hour away from me. This location is much closer, so please help!! I want to know if this would be a good switch. I'm 12 weeks so I rather switch now rather than later.

Re: Raleigh Delivering Moms WAKE MED NORTH on Falls of the Neuse??

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    Interested to hear what you learn. I live about 1/2 mile from it, but I think my doctors only deliver at Rex, so that's where I'll be going.
  • Since I'm high risk, my OB is only allowing me to deliver at wake med Raleigh but I wish I could deliver at the new location! I've heard it's absolutely AMAZING!! Maybe try to go for a tour and see if you like the location and/or staff?
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  • I will be delivering there! The midwife that I had my first appt with told me that since it's still new, it's not busy at all and that I will get lots of attention! I haven't done a tour yet but from what I see online it looks so new and clean! They built it to feel more like a spa, that may be a stretch because we all know what we will be there for, but it still sounds comfortable. I also like that we won't have to drive downtown and when our family comes to visit, it will be a much better location to park, wait, run to McDonalds, etc.
  • I'm a FTM and will be delivering at Wake Med Raleigh in January. If you go on their website you can register for a tour-it's free! DH and I went last week and it made me feel a lot better about delivering there. It is a very nice facility!
  • I'm delivering at wake med raleigh, :) I am considered high risk and my office only delivers there!
  • There are two wake meds Raleigh and north. Raleigh handles all high risk. My on office is less than a mile from north and closer to my home but because Raleigh has the lowest c-section rate and some of the best care my doctors have chosen to stay there instead of transferring to the new hospital. They did however say if I choose I can deliver there it just wouldn't be with one of my doctors and they will still do pre and post care. I am under the understanding that Raleigh was remodeled to be the same as north. So the only difference you will have is capacity.
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