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About to get out, husband is going back in

I will be getting out of the Marine Corps in about 2 months, DH is going back in around the same time. He doesn't have orders yet so we have no idea where we are going and if he will go back to MOS school (trying to get the same MOS he had but who knows if that will happen) any advice for cross country PCS especially while pregnant would be great. Due December 27 will be moving ourselves 2 cars and 3 dogs. Thanks!!!

Re: About to get out, husband is going back in

  • Hello there. I love meeting fellow Marines on here. I also just got out in October. It has been quite a transition. How long has your husband been out? Is he going back into the Marine Corps or another branch? Prior to getting out I was a recruiter. I know right now it is very hard for prior service Marines to get back into the Marine Corps. It can take a long time for a space to come available and even then there is no way to know if he will get the same mos. as far as moving across country just take it easy. I have done it multiple times with my kids and hubby. Make frequent stops. Don't be in a rush. If you want to talk just message me. Good luck.
  • He's been out 6 months, he is back in now. Orders weren't what we are expecting so I won't be moving until after baby is here now. Which is kind of a sigh of relief I did not want to drive cross country while 7 months pregnant!
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