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Newborn sleeping?

As a FTM, I'm a little overwhelmed by all of the articles regarding the best place for baby to sleep during their first 3 months. I know that technically a rock n play isn't approved for newborn sleeping, but most of my friends have gone with that option. What are you planning on using...crib/basinett/Rock n play? Advice appreciated!!

Re: Newborn sleeping?

  • I'm a FTM as well, but planning on using a bedside crib for the first few months, a factor in my decision is that I will be breast feeding and want that to be as convenient as possible. The one I'm looking at is good up to 6 months but we may move baby to their own room sooner.
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  • Just because I'm a paranoid FTM, I am too scared to do RnP although all my friends swear by it--- so I'm doing the Halo bassinet.
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  • With my DD, she stayed in our room in a cradle (same one I slept in as a baby) for the first month and then we moved her to her own room. Yes it was more convient, but my husband and I were both pariniod that we would squish her if I accidentally fell asleep. This time around the baby will go straight to the crib in his/her room. The room is right next door to ours and babies are very loud sleepers (lots of heavy breathing and squeeking). DD did nap in the rock n play, but never slept overnight. The people that I knew that did that loved it, but their kids had really flat heads. I know it doesn't necessarily cause that but I wasn't willing to risk it, plus my DD slept fine on a flat surface.
  • With my first he slept in a bassinet in our room for maybe 10 days, then we decided that he was sleeping and we weren't because of how loud of a sleeper he was so we put him in his crib in his room (right next door to ours). We plan on the same with this little one, as she will be evicting her brother from the nursery so being right next door is easy to go get her and nurse.
  • We have a co-sleeper. It looked looks like a pack and play, but it attaches to our bed.
  • I am going to get a rock n play for our room, but in all honesty (and I am sure I will get flamed for this!) baby will most likely be in bed with me. I co-slept with my first to babies from birth until about 8 months, I even co-slept with my daughter the night she was born while we were in the hospital. DH works nights so it is usually just me and baby in the bed. I love it, they love it, it works for us!
  • Bassinet for the first few months because of the breastfeedings during the night like some said my SO will sometimes be doing night shift so it's easier if I can get to baby as quick as possible so he/she doesn't wake a sleeping daddy bear in the early hours of the morning. But I will be switching to something bigger soon but that's only a few feet away lol we are small apartment living and plan on upsizing when she gets older.
  • We're going right to the crib. The nursery is right beside our room and is a large bedroom so we're keeping the double bed that is currently in there, there. If I get sleepy in the middle of the night, I'll just stay there until the next feeding.
  • I'm putting baby in a pack and play right next to the bed for easy (as possible) breastfeeding. I do not want to do RnP because I want baby to get used to sleeping flat So the transition to the crib is easier.
  • We will go right to the crib, but will probably get rock and plays as well. We just don't have room for them in our room.
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  • I'm putting baby in a pack and play right next to the bed for easy (as possible) breastfeeding. I do not want to do RnP because I want baby to get used to sleeping flat So the transition to the crib is easier.

    Agreed I know a few mamas who LOs got use to incline sleeping. They had to buy incline crib mattress.
  • I think I'm going to get a co-sleeper because my toddler is still in my bed.
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    We used the RNP for DS until he was about 3m old, and then he got too big for it. For this baby we will likely use the Pack n Play. I would love the Halo Bassinet, but this is our last baby so I have a hard time justifying the $200. If I end up with another c-section though, you can bet I'll be ordering it on Amazon straight away!
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  • We'll be using the rock n play for the first few months. Then we'll move to the crib. All my bmb mamas from last time swear by it.
  • We read a book called Healthy Sleep Habits Happy Child. I would highly recommend it. It doesn't say, you have to do this or that. It tells you facts about 3 different sleep methods and you decide. We went with a sleep method where it recommends baby sleeps in her crib from day one, and that's what we did with my dd. it was great for our family and we plan to do the same with baby 2.
  • We used the rock n play for the first 6 weeks then moved to a crib. It made me nervous because of the angle her swaddle would sometimes bunch up under her chin so I could only use a specific swaddle. For this baby I really want to get a halo bassinet.
    But, DD still naps in her rock n play or will chill in there while I shower (she's 14 mo!) so it's been a lifesaver for us!! We never had reflux issues but I've heard the rock n play is good if the baby Is a spitter.
  • I'll add that the longer baby is snuggled up in a rock n play it can make the transition to a crib more difficult.
  • We do a pack-n-play next to the bed for first few weeks and then once on a more consistent schedule, to the crib they go! 

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  • DD slept in the rnp for 6 months. We tried to transition her to her crib a few times but she finally started sleeping in her crib around 6/7 months.
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    My son pretty much slept where he slept despite my best intentions. I wanted him in the co-sleeper and he mostly slept in the RNP and our bed.

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  • We will have a bassinet in our room for night and a rock and play for naps
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  • I LOVE my rock n play. I am having twins this time and will be getting a second one. I really liked that it was so light and I could carry it with baby in it.

    I was super paranoid about it. My son had HORRIBLE acid reflux and this was the only thing he could sleep in without puking. My doctor suggested it instead of propping up my pack n play or his crib. He slept there until 8 months when he learned to turn over by unclipping the harness. It was ridiculous, but he is almost 2 and as big as the 4 year olds at school.

    Basically, it worked for us. He had a seizure and stopped breathing at birth (after 10 days in a level 3 NICU, they determined nothing was wrong). We were very paranoid to do anything that could possibly endanger him after my horrible birth. Our doctor said as long as he can't pull a blanket up over his head, he will be fine. We even used it without the harness until swaddling stopped. Once again, our doctor was not concerned and recommended it. You have to make whatever you choose work for you. Don't ever feel like you have to do something bc your doctor, friend, family, etc. recommends it. :)
  • We did a mix of crib and co-falling a sleeping. DD was introduced to her crib from day one but because I BF'd there were tons of times we would start off in our bed and then I would transition her to the crib. A few times we would both fall asleep during middle of the night feedings and I'd just put her back whenever I woke up. 
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  • I had my daughter in her rock'n'play for the first 2 weeks but she never really slept well in it. We then transitioned her to a pack'n'play in our room and she hated that even more. We decided to try her in her crib in her nursery which is about four steps from our room and she slept really well (and so did we). All babies are different so it might be a little trial and error. I never felt unsafe with her in the rock'n'play though.  

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  • Before I had DS, I was convinced that he was going to sleep next to us in his pack'n'play in the newborn bassinet.  However, we got him home and he wanted NOTHING to do with it.  After a week or so of complete sleep deprivation, we caved and got a rock'n'play and it saved everyone's sanity.

    At 2 months, we tucked a couple of receiving blankets under the crib mattress when we transitioned and he had zero issues.

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  • I let my daughter sleep anywhere we could get her to, for the first few weeks we tried the crib, but she would wake up ever 20 mins. So she slept in my bed at night and on my chest for naps, when she was around 6 weeks old, she slept in her swing, my bed, my chest, even the car seat. Around 6 months is when we finally got her to sleep in her crib.
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    I'll say can plan all you want, but it may not work out. In fact, I'd say, based on my experience and observing many friends and family, it PROBABLY won't work out. So stay open-minded above all and don't stress if you have to have plan B (or C, D, E..). DS wouldn't sleep anywhere but cosleeping or in his swing until he was 9 months and we did CIO. I've heard RnPs are magical, so we'll be using that this time. Fingers crossed! And hopefully you end up with the rare unicorn that sleeps solidly in its crib from day one!

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  • The advice on my side of the pond is their own cot in the same bedroom as you. Apparently listening to you breathing reduces the risk of SIDS. We wanted DD in her own cot straight away anyway, she slept in our room for 5 months then the cot went into her room. She had reflux and we just raised one side of the cot which seemed to help. By 5 months we'd had enough of listening to her sleep noises!!!
  • We don't have much room, and we expect to move long before baby is a year old, so we're planning on using a Pack N Play until we move, then probably swapping to a crib that can be turned into a toddler bed. 
    We'll use the bassinet attachment in the PnP, then I'll probably get a separate mattress once baby gets upgraded to the main section. 

    Baby will be in our room as long as we're in this house, it's only a 1 bedroom. 
  • We plan on using a Halo bassinet for easier nighttime feedings at first, and will have her crib in our bedroom for at least the first few months (our 2nd bedroom is on a different floor than the master bedroom and the idea of going downstairs while half asleep trying to get quickly to a crying baby just sounds unappealing and unsafe on so many levels). I may try and put her in the crib for naps to try and get her used to it, but I'm honestly not really thinking that far in advance too much right now, with that we'll just see what happens.

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  • We will use RnP for nap time only because I will keep it downstairs in the living room. Otherwise, baby will sleep in crib in our room until about 3m and will transition to bedroom. The baby will share with 2 older siblings so the longer we can wait to put them all together the better. And it's more convenient for nursing at night.

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    With our daughter, we tried a number of things - some of which I know are strongly discouraged but it got us through the rough nights. We started with a pack n play with a bassinet that she hated. Then we moved her to upright in a boppy on the couch with me next to her. Since I breastfed, there was many a night I fell asleep holding her. Last and what worked the longest was an arms reach co sleeper attached to my side of the bed. She did sleep in our bed some nights but always started out in the co sleeper. 6 months she moved to her crib in her room.

    Having a few options is nice because sometimes all you need is for baby (and you!) to sleep. 

  • With DD we did RnP in our room for the first month and then moved her to the crib. I plan on doing the same this time around maybe even sooner then a month. I found that she slept much better in the crib and I slept much better as well. I know all babies are different but as soon as LO is back up to birth weight and sleeping 4 hours at a time (which happened with DD around a month) we will be transitioning to the crib so we can all get some rest.
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