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Hello again!

Im sorry I couldn't stick around after... what happened... I don't even honestly know if I removed my tickers, but I'm so happy for all of you!!!
I haven't confirmed with a test, just with a severe attraction to coconut, sensitive boobs, and utter disgust for mashed potatoes, but I'm late, and if it's not just my ruderus bring s jerk, will be joining the March16' boards!
We weren't "trying", so I'm not sure how I feel yet. Currently, I'm mostly afraid. I don't fear miscarriages, or a bigger family... I fear stillbirth. I don't think anything has ever hurt so deeply as knowing MY BODY killed my daughter, Pepper Mae.
Anyways, I rambled do much more than anticipated... I just want to say congratulations to all of you wonderful goddesses!!!
I'm ready to return to the world now

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