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  • KaaaaaatieRN That's a very good point. I didn't think of that. No need to get ragey. I'm not ragey. I'm just trying to have a calm, honest conversation here amongst adults. Why would you become ragey? 

    Why would I become ragey?!?! Because you have zero respect for the immunocompromised population. I have a *3* year old baby cousin with cancer who can't even go to the park because people aren't vaccinating their children and it puts her right in the line of fire to contract a deadly illness. So yes, it makes me ragey.

    OP, look up the DisneyLand issues that just happened this year. I think it was around 60 or so kids were infected with a preventable disease all because of people choosing to not vaccinate their kid. Many of those infected were due to the kids being too young to be vaccinated.

    I was there that week and had purchased a Minnie mouse onesie for my friends newborn daughter. If the news had broken any later, I could have potentially exposed a week old infant to that. Instead, I kept it past the incubation period and had it cleaned.
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  • I am a Certified Nurse Assistant. I just graduated training at the Red Cross in January so I am very new to healthcare. We never learned anything about vaccines and I've never learned anything about them in school prior to that. I don't know why I never learned anything about vaccines except that I've never done the research. Yes, that's my fault but certainly not a deal breaker. I am learning about it now. It's no different from my just having learned about temping. Also, I'm not from California.  

    Look guys, I just thought I would follow in my Mom's footsteps but it wasn't set in stone. I didn't even know it was an issue until the first poster said something about it. I don't even have an argument about it.  I'm really trying here to explain myself and to see through my hurt emotions (brush them off). If that means I'm embarrassing myself, then so be it if it helps you to understand who I am.

    I've received a lot of helpful information here. Thank you. 
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    I don't see anything nasty in @letyourheartbeyourguide's post to you. This is a very tame thread and while people ARE questioning your beliefs and disagreeing, they are not being "bitches." You are out of line with the name calling.
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