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Don't know how to feel (getting induced)

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so I just got back home from my what was last OB appointment and I was told by the doctor who will be delivering my baby he wants to induce me next Tuesday the 4th, which I will be exactly 39 weeks .

I've always read how being induced sucks and isn't the way to go if it can be avoided and better to let baby come naturally but I never thought it would happen to me and now , I don't know how to feel about it . Although that's what's best for baby right now .

The reason why I'm being induced is because at my last appointment I'm all of a sudden "measuring small" so I get sent to the hospital for height and weight measurements and my baby is around 4 pounds if not right under or at 5 pounds. Which I believe because I'm extremely small and look like this .. lol
But I honestly don't know how to feel . I'm excited but kinda nervous.

Re: Don't know how to feel (getting induced)

  • If there's good medical reason for it then I would go the induction route too but I get why you're nervous. The fact that you're 39 weeks should help too that you may have more favorable conditions (your body may be gearing up for labor already). I'm also afraid of the possiblity of induction but some people have good experiences with it. Just make sure to ask a lot of questions about protocols and what kind of parameters they use during an induction to follow progress. Try to work with the induction and keep yourself sane. I hope it goes well for you if that's the route you take!
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  • No advice here, but we have had some positive induction stories from STM's on here. I would try to get as informed as possible from your doctor and maybe search induction stories on here to ease your nerves a bit. I hope all goes well!! Good luck. 
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  • I am being induced because my baby is measuring 5lbs or less at 38w4d. I will be induced on Monday if I don't go into labor before then. I am currently 4cm amd 90% effaced. I won't be getting the gel obviously, but will start pitocin. Don't feel uneasy- everyone has a different experience with induction. There are a few threads posted about positive experiences with induction. I am more nervous for my child. I know LO will grow more successfully on the outside, but there is a chance my baby will need NICU time- even being born at 39 weeks. Also, the appearance of your stomaach does not mean a small baby. There can be many reasons like the position of the baby, for example, that can make you measure behind. Or dehydration. Excitement and nerves are normal either way. Good luck on a safe delivery.
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    Appreance of stomach doesn't say much. My stomach is no bigger then a 5 month preggo, but my baby measures"big" I'm being induced next Thursday due to some medical issues.
    Make a list of all your questions and ask your doctor. I just read a really good thread on here about STM with induction stories. Most of them very positive. Good luck with whatever the outcome is. Hope the thread helps you ease your mind a little! Don't stress, we got this!
  • Also being induced Thursday for medical reasons. At first I was skeptical, but I know it's what's best for baby. Also, rather than laboring at home you can labor and manage your pain in the hospital.
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