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Breast feeding mommas not hungry?

any breast feeding moms feel like they have no appetite? My LO is 5 days old and has gained an ounce since we left the hospital. The pediatrician was happy with her weight. I just don't feel hungry. Is this normal?

Re: Breast feeding mommas not hungry?

  • I'd say yes it's completely normal but make sure you eat anyway! It's very important to stay hydrated and eat enough while you're building your supply, so keep eating even if you're not particularly hungry.
  • Really thats strange iv been starving since breastfeeding
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  • I'm the same way, yesterday I didn't eat breakfast until 3pm. Usually I just forget to eat because I'm so busy with my 2 girls.
  • I thought it was weird too! I'm glad someone else is the same. And oh yes, lots of water and little meals through day!
  • I think it's normal, but still try to eat (maybe do small, frequent meals if you're not feeling hungry enough for regular meals) and for sure stay hydrated!
  • Good to hear I'm not alone. I'm not hungry either, going on 3 weeks breastfeeding now. I thought I would be starving, but I forget to eat.
  • mers90mers90
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    I'm not hungry at all, I eat because it's time to eat but not because I want to. I vaguely remember being like this with my son at the begging, but about 6 weeks after he was born I felt hungry all the time.
  • I haven't been hungry at all either. My baby is 5 days today & has gained 8 oz though so I'm not worried.. I make sure to drink plenty of water & eat small meals throughout the day even if I have to force myself to eat!
  • qtjo5qtjo5
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    Not me. I feel like I am more hungry than my first trimester. I eat alll the time!
  • I was wondering how you can tell when your milk comes in. My little guy is 4 days old and he's still only getting colostrum is this typical?
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    @Rcknrbyn13 Mine came in on day 4. My breasts started having sections that felt hard and tender.
  • Me too!  I only remember being ravenously hungry with my other two, it's weird!  On the up side I only have one pound to go until I'm back to my pre-pregnancy weight, but I'm still trying to remind myself to eat.
  • I've lost my appetite too! I thought breastfeeding would make me more hungry.
  • My appetite comes and goes. Just eat light and drink lots of fluids.
  • I'm hungry all the time now...
  • I'm never's weird. I forget to eat most days. Significant change from pregnancy!
  • I'm so glad I'm not alone!!! Hubby is bugging me to eat but I just don't feel hungry.
  • I'm not hungry either. I drink a lot of fluids especially almond milk. I force myself to eat meals. I've lost over 45lbs 3 weeks pp. not trying to diet I just get full and have no desire to eat.
  • I'm hungry all the do need more calories at this time though so I guess just make sure you are getting enough. Maybe just have little snacks throughout the day and not big meals?
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