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Contractions can BITE ME :)

I have been having contractions 6 minutes apart since noon today. (Saw my OB this afternoon). At this point they aren't getting stronger or closer together. I wish my body would just figure out what it wants to do!!

End rant. :)

Re: Contractions can BITE ME :)

  • Sucks. Hoping they start to make some progress! Hang in there.
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  • Just remember, this is a good sign! Baby will be here soon :-)
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  • I know the feeling, I'm so sorry! I pray yours kicks in soon.

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  • Totally know how you feel. Have had the same situation for the past 2 days. I will be induced Thursday morning.
  • I felt this way last week when I had a day full of them, then got checked at my weekly and was still only 1 cm.

  • Thanks everyone. I'm hoping they either get down to business or slow down/stop soon so I can either get a little sleep tonight or meet my LO!
  • Sorry you're in contraction limbo  :(  I hope it picks one soon!!
  • I've been having consistant Braxton hicks and been stuck at a 4 for 1.5 weeks. He can totally cook as long as he wants. But being stuck is so irritating. And having these consistant all day everyday contractions, it always feels like my body is saying just kidding. It's not funny.
  • I felt this way last week when I had a day full of them, then got checked at my weekly and was still only 1 cm.

    This happened to me 2 weeks ago. At least I softened and thinned but that's about it. >_<
  • Amen! I have been having contractions for a week and a half, often times 2-3 minutes apart but not enough dilation... Hope you get relief soon!
  • Constant contractions since 29 weeks. No end in sight. I've had a lot of practice for the real thing at this point!
  • Hope the end is near!! Keep up updated
  • Well, contractions have subsided some - about every 15 minutes now - which I will take as good news :) she can stay amd cook a little more if she wants, we're only in wk 37 anyway!

    And I want to thank all of you for sharing your experiences with me, somehow it's comforting to know I'm not alone out here in contraction limbo ;)
  • dpmm93dpmm93 member
    FTM here and due at the end of the month, it's so exciting to read about your contraction/labor stories (those of you due early August). I had a little melt-down last night when I realized I'll be a Mom in less than 5 weeks - I also have finals from Aug.10-15th so really hoping baby stays comfy right up until her due date! (Aug.27th) Good luck with your contractions!
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