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NICU Mommies- Any babies go home yet??

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Today is day #11 in the NICU for my baby. It seems as though once your here you never leave. There are about 12 babies in the NICU with my baby. They have all been there since we got here. I have only seen one baby go home. I want to see babies leave!!!! Any success stories? I need some positivity! The NICU is such a sad place.

Re: NICU Mommies- Any babies go home yet??

  • I don't have a baby in the NICU, but praying that yours, and all other LO's comes home soon!!
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  • I'm not in your shoes but I have been thinking and praying for you!
  • I am so sorry for all of you going through this. Every day that passes is one closer to them coming home. I know it isn't easy. My niece was born at 1lb8oz and was in the NICU for 3 months. You all are such strong Momma's! Many prayers being sent.
  • I haven't had my baby yet but a good friend of mine, just got to come with her little boy after being in Nicu 10 days! He continues to improve daily and docs are pretty confident he won't have any lasting effects! Well wishes to you and your little one!
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    @CountingMyBlessings hey hun. I was wondering about you since my post about being in the hospital and being bored and you were talking to me. I didn't know you had you baby. I'm sure it gets lonely and its a long ride but look at it this way,its better to be there and they take the best care of your LO than not at all. Your lil fighter will be home before you know it and all will be well and you have a lifetime together :-) I'll keep you in my thoughts
  • I hope your baby can go home with you soon! I'm sure it seems like forever right now, but each day that goes by brings you one day closer to being a family at home.
  • Hang in there mama! I hope you and LO get to go home soon!
  • With a previous pregnancy, I had one baby stay for 32 days while his twin sister stayed for 37. At the time, it was torture and lasted forever ever but now it seams like so long ago. I know it's a horrible wait and scary time but hope you escape soon!!! Prayers for the sweet baby and momma!
  • Anyone care to share their nicu stories??
  • My nephew has been in the NICU for 15 days. As long as he passes his car seat test tomorrow, he'll go home Monday! He was born at 34 weeks. The NICU he was in had such overcrowding, he got moved to well baby nursery but with NICU nurses.
    Good luck! Watching my brother and sil go through this Makes me so grateful we have made
    It to 38 weeks.
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  • Prayers your way @amylianne
  • Yes ^^^ @amylianne I hope your previous little one grows and gets stronger and comes home soon
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  • Praying for you and your family @KCwalza146 . I know the feeling- it's heart wrenching. I felt like I should be on top of the world, but instead, I was riddled with fear and anxiety. I hope your sweet little ones grow stronger with each passing day!
  • Many T&p's to all you strong mama's who are still going through the nicu journey.
  • Thank you ladies! What a wild ride NICU is. We had a bad day yesterday and took some steps back, but today has gone much better.

    I hope the car seat test went better this time @lakinjane!
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    I saw a baby go home yesterday! I was so proud, even though it wasn't my baby lol. I have to say that, after having read all the NICU stories on here over the past several months, I definitely have an appreciation for each baby's story. Now when we visit our babies in the NICU, I think more about all the other babies in there and I wonder how long they've been there and what their stories are. I realize how lucky we are and how well ours are doing. <3
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