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Fur baby Friday!!

We can't forget to show the love for our little fur babies!

Here's DS and Toby dog.

Re: Fur baby Friday!!

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  • @magono20 my DS was on oxygen too after he was born. He inhaled amniotic fluid and had trouble with his oxygen levels for a couple of months. He eventually grew out of it and is thriving. It was such an overwhelming experience at the time, breastfeeding was a challenge and I was always worried. Hope your LO is doing well.
  • I wasn't able to get a picture but our one chihuahua cuddled upto our LO underneath my nursing cover last night while we were out. Cutest thing ever!
  • @magono20 love those pictures! Such a sweet baby you have!

  • @magono20 - my LO is hooked up to a machine to monitor his heart and breathing because he was 9 weeks early and does periodic breathing - also have to give him caffeine everyday. Sounds like a fire alarm going off when it trips. He is plugged into an outlet 24/7, and we always joke that the baby is charging. When we bath him and we have to unplug, I call him the wireless baby. It really sucks because he is not very portable right now..,can't just bring him with me to grab things I forget..,have to put him down and make a production out of it. Everything else comes to a complete halt when I am holding my boy. He will be on the monitor for at LEAST 2 months at home (was on it for his entire 5 week NICU stay too)
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  • @kezdk I am so sorry I only had the machine for two weeks and I never wanted to shoot something so bad in my life. Hang in there
  • @kezdk that's so hard. How awesome will it be to get it off. At least baby isn't mobile right now
  • He was sad that he always gets left behind on vacation.
  • I know it's no longer Friday but this is the first I've been on since Thursday. The first one is our little puppy, LO and DH's arm ( I finally managed yo get one!) and the second one is my parents dog (who was like mine when I still lived at home) and LO before we went on a morning walk. Such cute fur babies ladies!
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