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High-Risk Pregnancy

What should I expect as a high risk pregnancy?

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Hi! My husband and I are still TTC but I was told I will be high risk because of my kidney disease. I also was told by my nephrologist that due to what I have and they way my body processes things, I will also most likely have gestational diabetes.
My question is, what should I expect as for being high risk? I don't know anyone who is or was so all I have is Google which, as we all know, isn't that comforting!
Thanks a head of time!
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Re: What should I expect as a high risk pregnancy?

  • More than likely you'll be followed by MFM/Periantologist for your high risk issues. They will decide how often you need to be seen and what additional testing you need. I took GD test early at 16w and have been testing my sugars 4x/day ever since. I started insulin at 32w and am in contact with MFM office weekly to adjust dosages.
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  • You'll get a lot more ultrasounds!!!
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  • What @leylacorbett1 said! I see a perinatologist with this pregnancy (had a loss that I saw a regular OBGYN for) and I go more often (every three weeks at first) and get ultrasounds every time I go. They also offered me genetic testing, which I took them up on (and found the sex out early on)! Since I've had a loss I can be pretty anxious. I find my high risk doctor much more understanding and sympathetic than my old OB. If I'm worried, then they tell me to come in. When I had my loss I started spotting, they let me spot all weekend and when they did work me in it wasn't even with my doctor. Perinatologist don't take any chances either, I really do feel like my baby and I are receiving the best possible care and I worry less because I'm so confident in them. So, ya , being "high risk" may sound scary, but it's really not. Good luck!
  • Lots of doctor appointments, tests, and ultra sounds!  In my experience so far as a Type 1 diabetic, the high risk really means that they have a reason to monitor me more closely.  I find it very comforting and am grateful for the support.  I have an entire team of doctors and specialists that work together to keep me and my baby safe.  I go to the OB every two weeks and the hospital to the perinatologist (Maternal Fetal Medicine) once a month for an ultra sound, although they tell me these appointments will increase in the last 2-3 months of my pregnancy.  To be fair, it can be exhausting and frustrating (especially when you are hormonal like I am now) but it is all worth it.  Besides, I love getting to see my baby girl so often and watch her grow and progress!!!

    Best of luck!
  • I find being high risk better than my first "normal" pregnancy. I get more visits, tons of ultra sounds and they actually listen to me and answer questions I have. Don't be scared to be high risk. I love it!
  • I am high risk because I am a diabetic. I didn't see any type of specialists throughout my pregnancy. I went to the doctor once a month until I was 34 weeks then started going weekly and doing NSTs. I got my first ultra sound at 20 weeks and had a total of 3 my entire pregnancy. I think it just depends on how you personally handle your own health. My doctor was great and I followed all his directions to the "t". 
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    One thing my doctor did talk about was a gestational diabetes test as soon as we find out because my family all has it and even though I don't yet, I'm borderline and my kidney disease doesn't help with it. 

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  • First off OP, nice name ;) , secondly, I think that varies. I was borderline for type 2 and on metformin. I was blessed to become pregnant, I still take metformin and I have lost weight and I'm now just trying to maintain my same weight under docs supervision. I'll be 23 weeks tomorrow and I've only gained 2 lbs after losing 13. Everyone is different. I just say be open minded and allow your OB and/MFM to help you through all this.
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    This is good to know. Thanks!

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  • I have chronic high blood pressure. So get ready for more appointments and ultrasounds and monitoring (towards your final weeks). It's not terribly bad because its comforting to see baby often, and to know everyone cares about your wellbeing and babys of course.
  • I am high risk because I am 36yrs young
  • I am high risk because I am expecting tripletsand i am over weight.  This should be a fun adventure.  I will do anything to keep my babies and myself healthy.  First appointment with the high risk obgyn is this week.  We are 7 weeks today. 
  • I find being high risk better than my first "normal" pregnancy. I get more visits, tons of ultra sounds and they actually listen to me and answer questions I have. Don't be scared to be high risk. I love it!
    @jessrjennings- the bolded above is insanely insensitive.  Some of us are high risk meaning that our lives and our babies lives are in danger throughout our entire pregnancy.  This is just a thoughtless thing to say. I get your other sentiment is trying to see a silver lining but... No.  Nobody who's really high risk LOVES being high risk.  
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  • Anybody high risk with asthma? I have that and a bunch of other issues for which I have to take medicine.  My OB said that in a few weeks he'll have me meet with a high risk doctor just to make sure everything is ok.  I'm 12w2d and am already doing my 2nd round of oral steroids which they say is ok but still not a great thing.  

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