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BlooD in breastmilk

while pumping at work today I noticed that there was a little blood in my breastmilk. Has anyone else had this? Do I dump what I pumped?

Re: BlooD in breastmilk

  • Do you have cracked nipples? Is that where it's from? If not, I'd be concerned where the blood is coming from.

    My hospital nurses said a little blood won't hurt baby. I had a blood blister on my nipple that I worried would pop.
  • I don't seem to have cracked nipples which is the weird thing (I think I would be well aware if I did?)
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  • DS bit me several times and I would bleed a LOT. If you let it sit, the blood settles to the bottom and you can pour the blood free milk of the top. I would try to avoid dumping. As pp said, make sure you know where its coming from.
  • Don't dump it's fine. If you were nursing you'd never know.
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