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mthfr and thrombophilia

Hi ladies.........I have had 5 lost pregnancies and after being told by my RE that it is unexplained.   Last 2 were FET'S with  PGD and PGS tested. embryos.  Lost at 6 l/2 weeks after hearing heartbeat and 6 weeks prior to going for hb ultrasound....Just boom out of the clear blue...everything perfect...estrogen, progesterone, lining, betas doubling and more.    My 1st 2 losses were c/p and 1 missed miscarriage at 7 weeks.

I went to NY to Sher and got the full immunological workup and found to have single mutation mthfr and prothrombin single mutation.    Dr/ said treatment is FOLATE not Folic Acid....LDA 81mg.and if positive pregnancy Lovenox injections.     

Has anyone had these or similar issues and gone on to have a normal full term pregnancy?     Thanks so much for any and all replies...

Re: mthfr and thrombophilia

  • Well I haven't had a full term pregnancy yet but we did have issues and losses before doing a load of genetic testing. They did end up diagnosising me with mthfr.
    I started taking folic acid and baby aspirin right away. Our Dr did say that the medical field is all split on of it will affect pregnancy or infertility.
    We had lost 2 pregnancies, one from ivf with twins and had heard their heartbeats around 6w and within days, were told their hearts had stopped beating. We did the testing immediately after this loss.
    A few months later, we were able to do a fet. Both embryos took at we are currently 13w5d with twins. I don't know if the folic acid and aspirin are why this pregnancy is sticking or what, but it's the only thing different.
    Also, after being told I have the mutation, I looked up what the main symptoms were and I had a TON of them!!! My mom also told me she thinks I was diagnosed with it as a kid from some other testing I had done, real cool for keeping track of that, mom.
    I started taking the regiment in February and within a week, I noticed a lot of small things I was suffering from began to decline, like headaches, fatigue, bowel issues.

    I don't know if any of that helps you at all, but at least you know you're not alone.
    Good luck!
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    I also have mthfr and have a son. During that pregnancy I did not take lovenox or folgard. We did lose his twin that pregnancy. I have now had 2 pregnancies where I was on lovenox and folgard and lost all embryos. Just yesterday I found out I lost a twin at over 10 weeks and lost the other at 8 weeks. My pregnancy loss in 2013 was also the loss of 2. I've read that folgard is actually not the best form of folate for mthfr and we should actually take methyl folate.

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  • I would trust Dr. Sher. I am a reproductive immunology patient and have the clotting disorder. I am on IVIg ( for natural killer cells), lovenox, a prescription prenatal with folate, not folic acid and some other vitamins. I was also on prednisone but tapered off around 19/20 weeks. Make sure you take extra calcium if you're on lovenox. I haven't quite made it yet as my baby is still baking but I do believe in reproductive immunology. I wouldn't be pregnant with my baby girl now if it weren't for the doctors that specialize in this.
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