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Help with potty training at night!

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DS has been potty trained during the day for almost a year now. He wears a pullup for nap time and bedtime. But over the past week and a half when I check on him before heading to bed myself I have been finding him with the pullup on the floor and him back in his pjs. I should add he always has some pee in his pull up in the am. Because it's becoming a nightly occurrence now does this mean the days of pullups are over? How do I train him at night? I have zero clue so any help is greatly appreciated!

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Re: Help with potty training at night!

  • You may need to restrict fluids after dinner or wake him up at night (like right before you go to sleep) or he might be fine. DD can hold it 12-14hrs at night. DS needs to potty at night. I just told my LO's to keep their sheets dry and call for mommy to take them to the bathroom. I put an extra pad under their sheet to protect the mattress cover cause it takes forever to wash and dry. I make my kids help me clean up any accidents.

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