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Ditching bottles?

My twins just turned a year and I currently have them down to just a night and a morning bottle. Otherwise, it's sip cups all day.

Has anyone else ditched bottles? How did you do it?

Our doctor suggested only giving them water in their bottle. Then they might not want it as badly. 

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Re: Ditching bottles?

  • Do you think they are attached to the bottle? I tackled the morning bottle first because it was easiest. I take DD downstairs for her breakfast and give her a sippy with milk while I make her some food. Even if she woke up at 6 am, we stuck with it. Then for the night time feeding, I just changed her schedule a bit. We eat dinner at 6:30 where she has her last bit of milk with her food, then bath time and bed time routine. It took her zero getting used to, she just accepted it. I did this at 11 months old. (Breakfast and dinner are the only times she even gets milk now, water the rest of the day.)
  • I feel like they are attached to them, because when we tried to give them sip cups at night after their bath routine they wouldn't drink them. My DS literally threw his sip cup. They both fussed until we gave them their bottles.

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  • We broke DS of the bottle on a long weekend on a road trip. We left all day and I only brought sippys. He fussed a lot but then realized that's all I had and he was thirsty so finally gave in. He slept a lot from exhausting himself. I removed all bottles from the house and he gradually fussed less each day and took the sippy. Took about 3 days for him to stop fussing all together.
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    We switched in 24 hours.

    From 6 months, we only gave water in the sippy and formula in the bottle. When we introduced whole milk right at 12 months, that was given in a sippy only as well. Within 24 hours of her first cup of milk, the bottles were gone.
  • Unfortunately you will just have to deal with the fussiness. It should only last a few days at the most. Just one of the lovely parts of parenthood ;)
  • Id say it highly individual and what works for some may not work for others. We stuck with morning and evening bottles until our DD was 19 months but only gave water in sippy or straw cups during the day. We waited until we felt she was drinking enough water and eating enough food to not need the milk before we tried dropping the AM and PM bottle. As long as you are brushing their teeth before bed you are fine.
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