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hypothalamic amenorrhea question

I was wondering if anyone with hypothalamic amenorrhea has gotten pregnant with iui or ivf? I am going to a RE soon and am getting very discouraged. All of my labs my OB did were normal except my estrogen was 22 :(

Re: hypothalamic amenorrhea question

  • http://www.sart.org has a comprehensive list of success rates with a multitude of diagnoses. I personally do not suffer from this so I don't have anything to tell you of my own experience, but I've done a lot of Internet research for myself and there are some great resources out there! Good luck!

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    2 Miscarriages
    2 Ectopic Pregnancies
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  • My doctor originally thought I had HA, but he said since I'm reacting well to the medications, I seem like I'm 'acting more like a pcos patient." That being said, I did one cycle of 50 mg clomid and didn't ovulate, two cycles of 100mg of clomid, ovidrel, and timed intercourse and didn't get pregnant. Then I took a month off and failed to ovulate on my own, which I expected. Finally I did femera, gonal-f injections, ovidrel, and IUI. I got pregnant with the IUI cycle! It may take some time, but hopefully the doctor can find the medications that your body responds to best!
  • @Shopaholic42488 I know that this post is old but wanted to comment in case you are still wondering! I have hypothalamic amenorrhea. I was diagnosed with it about a year ago. I started seeing a RE but was very anemic and had low vitamin D as well so I had to see a normal doctor, a hematologist, and have tests done before I could continue with treatment. Thankfully everything is back where it should be.

    I went through my first round of treatment in August. I got a BFP with my first round of IUI. I did the research before the IUI just to see what the chances are and the chance of getting a BFP with IUI is actually very high for people like us. It has a much better success rate than for people with other issues (like PCOS, unexplained, etc). I got pregnant with Menopur and Ovidrel trigger shot. Good luck in your journey and if you haven't gotten your BFP yet, I hope you do soon!!

    Me: 31

    DH: 29, SA - Great

    Married: June 12,2011

    TTC #1: 1/2014

    Diagnosis: Hypothalamic Amenorrhea

    Treatment: Clomid:  50mg, 100mg, 150mg - not successful and not monitored

                      Menopur 75ml (upped to 112.5ml), Ovidrel, & IUI  IUI #1 8/31/2015

    9/15/2015: BFP HCG - 400, 9/17/2015: HCG - 827, 9/21/2015 - HCG 3,327!
    Heartbeat 10/2/2015: 118bpm
    DS: 5/27/2016

    TTC# 2: 12/2017
    BFP: 4/20/2018
    EDD: 12/29/2018
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