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Anyone in the reserves and had to pump while at annual training? My unit is going to work with me on making sure I can pump. I'm just worried that being away for three weeks I will lose my supply. I don't have a stash cause I just make enough for her needs. With my first born my body didn't so I had to go to formula. Wish I don't mind except the cost. It's going so well right now I just hate to spend crazy amount of money on something my body is providing.

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  • I'm just seeing this for the first time so it may be a non- issue at this point. How long ago did you have your baby? You could be granted a medical waiver and not have to do AT, but bottom line- they have to provide you time and space as well as an area to store your milk.
  • I am in the national guard and am currently pregnant with my first child. I am worried about the same thing for next summer. I am thinking about asking to be excused. Really I don't see how this is even going to work though. There aren't even any day cares in my town that are open on the weekend. I am thinking about asking for a hardship discharge or trying to go active.
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  • They do have to give you your own time to pump and they have to give you a place where you can leave your milk at. Honestly it all depends on your body. I have pumped for months and months, never lost my supply. But it all depends on your own personal body.
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