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Type1 DM vent

I am sick of being pregnant and I am sick of doctors appointments. I am getting my insulin pump on Wednesday but I can't do pump training at all because either my coworker as an appointment on a day the diabetes educator has free time or my Diabetes educator is on vaca or has a class...so to hell with it all. I'm not doing it. I am sick of this all together and its making me super angry! I am sick of having a bunch of appointments every week and I have no control over anything. I am done.

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  • I know it can be overwhelming, but think of how much it will be worth it when you have your baby!! :) Being pregnant AND having type 1 diabetes is a TON of work, and I think we all want to give up sometimes... I personally love my pump, but if you have tight control on multiple injections, then you may want to try staying on that - your doctor should be willing to work with you! Are you having an Endo or MFM manage your blood sugars? My Endo is awesome, so that's what I'm doing, but some MFM's are really good too! Hope you figure out what works best for you, after all, we are all different!!
  • That's BS the educator should really try to work with you on scheduling. If you're pregnant you take precedence as a patient. I'm sorry it's so overwhelming. I cried hysterically one night last week when changing an infusion set because it hurt and I was just fed up. It's all for the greater good. Hang in there...
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  • I totally understand your frustration and there are days that I just cry because it feels so overwhelming.  It is soooo much work and most people don't really understand it. 
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