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Worried about health for all 3 of us

Found out I was pregnant at 5w1d (though I had a strong hint of it before that) while on birth control. I'm 30 and kind of petite (5'3", 115 pounds pre-pregnancy). 

Found out Monday at U/S that I'm having twins. I'm still really freaked out by it--mostly because of my size... worried that I'm not going to be able to handle the physical strain and demand as I get further along. I started to have really strong heart palpitations a week ago and now my OB is wanting to send me to a cardiologist. The twins' heartbeats are 116 and 120 at 7w2d, which sounds lower than what I've heard from other people around the same time. I haven't really gained any weight yet from the pregnancy... I thought that was fairly normal for a singleton in first trimester, but I'm kind of surprised that I haven't even gained a pound yet with twins. 

Is carrying twins when you're small really do-able? Is there anyone here that's petite that's done it and survived and managed to stay healthy during and after?

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    I was a little bigger than you pre-pregnancy, 5'4'' and 125, but I have made it to 34 wks with little trouble (knock wood!) other than the typical aches and pains. I have gained 38 pounds so far and this week I was measuring at 40 wks and twins are estimated to be around 5 lbs each, but everyone tells me I look small for having two in there. They are definitely using every inch of space! You can totally do it!! I was scared of bed rest and getting humongous bc I am fairly petite but so far so good. You will definitely have to slow down sooner than ladies carrying singletons, and my advice is give yourself a break. Don't feel guilty about napping, putting your feet up, or skipping stuff you don't have the energy for. Also get a support belt and if you work at a desk you may want to get a yoga ball to sit on. I had a lot of round ligament pain and those two things really help. Hope the cardiologist has helpful stuff to tell you. I do remember early on having some wierd palpitations and racing heartbeat- it went away, my OB said that can happen sometimes as your heart is trying to handle so much more blood.
  • I didn't gain any weight until almost 20 weeks. I am 5'4" and am 32 weeks. It's hard but you can do it. I had palpitations too. I went to the cardiologist and had an echocardiogram and ekg and everything was fine. The palpitations went away after about a month or two. I agree with pp. you will have to slow down much early than with a singleton. I am just taking it a day at a time.
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  • Thanks for sharing your stories--very relieving to know I'm not alone! And glad your EKG was fine, @BabyD316!

    It's really hard to imagine getting bigger and taking it slow... it feels like I'm already so exhausted already and I'm not even showing yet.
  • I'm also 5'3", but started at a higher weight. I also gained very slowly, surprisingly. Most people are still shocked about the twins, asking "where are you hiding the other one?" My experience so far has included good weeks and bad weeks, times of high energy vs. exhaustion. I slept through most of the first trimester. And while I've experienced occasional dizziness and racing pulse, I've chalked it up to the high blood volume, sinus congestion, etc. Despite all of the discomfort, my doctor has yet to be alarmed by anything.
  • I'm 5'3" and started at 127. Due to swelling and pre-eclampsia, I gained over 70lbs ans deliver 2 healthy boys at 37w1d with no NICU time.

    I tried very hard to reach 20lbs by 20 weeks and was successful. It's amazing what your body can do! 8 weeks pp and I'm down to 133. I never saw a cardiologist, but did have a high resting heart rate and was out of breath easily. As PP mentioned, you will have good days and bad, but my mantra was nothing is permanent (that I was feeling related to pregnancy) and I can do what is best for the babies. Wishing you a healthy next 9 months!
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    I'm 5'3" and started out at 110 and am pregnant with twins as well (babies 3&4). I'm just about 24 weeks and have gained about 12 pounds, but that's only been since 16 weeks. Up until then, I didn't gain anything. I feel the extra strain in my body and get tired much easier than I did with my first two, but I'm determined to carry these babies as long as possible. It is really scary when you find out and I remember having the same thoughts that you are having, but you can do this! Hang in there!
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    I'm barely 5'2" and was about 118 pre pregnancy. I have a very short Torso and was able to carry my babies until my scheduled csection at 38+1 weeks! Both my babies were over 6 pounds. It's totally doable! You just have to not overdo it and take it easy towards the end. I stopped working at 32 weeks just cause I was tired of being on my feet all day long. I didn't gain a single pound until I was 16 weeks, my dr told me I need to eat more protein! Just take it one day at a time and enjoy your pregnancy!
    Edit: just wanted to add that I only gained 40 lbs with my twins.
  • These are such awesome stories to hear! I've been hearing so much of "I delivered at 32 weeks and my twins spent 2 months in NICU and it was so hard", so it's good to hear the other side of babies being safely delivered at 37/38, especially from those around the same size :) I know there's no telling what will happen ultimately until it's time, but positivity sure goes a long way!
  • I was slightly heavier than you- but not by much. Carried my twins to 38 weeks- other than going into labor (which stopped) 10 days earlier- it was a perfectly healthy- albeit very phsyically tough pregnancy. I delivered 7lb 8oz and 6lb 12 ounce twins. Gained 20lbs mostly in the second trimester. You can do this.  
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