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Winter baby in Maine

I'm due in December and am a little worried about it. I don't want to keep my baby cooped up in the house but not sure what to do or places to go for social interaction for my child. We live near portland. Any thoughts?

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  • @noratim Hi I'm due n December too and live in Portland! The Children's Museum of Maine might be a good idea, lots of things for baby to look at :)
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  • Hi! I had my first child in December and honestly, we spent a lot of time walking around the mall. It's free and warm and easy to walk mileage without even noticing. Hope it helps! Good luck!
  • This is very helpful thank you
  • I'm in Portland too! I'm due in September but am also trying to figure out what to do to get out, other than walks on the Prom.
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    I'm due in Dec. too! Based on last winter, I'm kind of looking forward to having a baby to snuggle and be cozy with on those cold wintery days. I didn't want to get out last winter but had to to walk the dog. At least Jan-Mar. are very quiet months in Maine so we won't be missing much!
  • There's groups like Le Leche League who meet every week, breastfeeding support groups at the hospitals weekly, also Birth Roots has classes but also free social days too. Haven't been to a birth roots yet but know people who love it! I might sign up for a baby and me yoga class, too.
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