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MFI and IUI...

 My DH and I have been trying to conceive since July 2012. After a few months of trying with no luck my GYN suggested DH get a SA. That is when we found out he sufferred from unexplained low count (under 1 million), motility and morphology. He started seeing an urologist who prescribed Clomid for 3 months. He got tested after that but his count only improved by 100,000. Dr suggested we visit RE. On our first visit, RE said that going by his numbers, IVF would be our only option. Nonetheless, he prescribed him Femara for another 3 months to see if his numbers would improve. 3 months later, his count had skyrocketted to 10M and motility had improved a bit. RE said, that with those new numbers, we were now candidates for IUI. We were ecstatic!!!!

Getting ready for IUI, RE prescribed me 50 mg of Femara for 5 days and told DH to continue to take it too and add Fertility Blend to improve his motility. On my first US, RE told me I had a few follies but that they hadn't grown to desired size (only 10mm). He decided to change from Femara to 100mg of Clomid for 5 days. On my second US, I had 5 follies measuring 16mm (2), 18mm, 20mm and 25mm. Trigger shot (Novarel) was scheduled for the next day at night and IUI 2 days later (early morning, more or less 36 hours). 

On IUI day, DH had SA and RE told us before IUI that although his count had improved to 15M, his motility had lowered. They were able to boost it a little after the wash but according to him "if for some reason we had to do IUI again, he'd recommend less days of abstinence". I already had a bad feeling but was a bit hopeful because of the count, the boost and my 4 mature follies. 

On our TWW, I started using progesterone 3 days post IUI,  once a day for 10 days. I had every symptom imaginable. Being my first time, I really thought what I had were good signs. 2 days before I was supposed to test, AF showed it's ugly face in all it's glory.  I was CRUSHED!!!! I already knew that IUI usually doesn't work the first time and that my DH lowered motility might be a bad sign but DAMN!! most of you, we really want to get pregnant. I'm 35, DH is 33, so we automatically decided to give it another go. Had IUI #2 on April 8th. Don't know what to think about our chances this time. Everything's been so different than the first (maybe that should be a good thing since last time it didn't work). I was given 100mg of Clomid again and on my first US, I had 3 follies on my right ovary (13,14 and 20mm), a whole bunch of small ones on my left. RE kept talking about my 20mm and prescribed trigger shot for the next morning. IUI to be done the following day. I have to admit I was a bit disappointed with the sizes. I took the trigger shot, had no symptoms (unlike the first time). IUI day DH had another SA and all his numbers had lowered. He went from having 15M last time to 7M. Motility with the boost didn't improve much. The only thing that had improved a little was the morphology. We kind of knew count was gonna be less because we only had 3 days of abstinence (RE recommended) but didn't think it was gonna be that much. Right before our procedure Dr discussed his results and said that numbers were low but that was the reason why we were having IUI in the first place. According to him, it only takes 1. After checking everything on the US, he said I still hadn't ovulated (last time, I already had) and recommended we BD that night to give us an extra boost.

I'm sorry this is so long, I've tried to describe our situation as best as I could...I guess I'm just looking to share info and experiences with ladies who can relate and have shared our journey when it comes to MFI and IUI. I know most of you are still trying but what do u think...are we wasting our time and having false hope with these numbers? What could be causing this? Any tips, ideas?

I'm trying to stay positive, but find myself thinking our chances are really low more so this time than last 

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Me: 35  DH: 33
TTC #1: Since July 2012
DH: MFI (low count, motility, morphology)
Started with RE 10/14
IUI #1 - 3/9/15 - Got AF 2 days before BETA
IUI #2- 4/8/15- Got AF day of supposed BETA
Currently Self Benched to figure out what our next step will be

Re: MFI and IUI...

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    I have had a similar situation. I was on Clomid for 2-3 cycles and 2 IUI due to male IF. Because of moving, I've been to 3 different REs. The third was annoyed that we had even bothered doing IUIs because the morphology and count was so low. She informed us that, like geese flying in the sky, multiple sperm are needed to get one sperm successfully to an egg. Also, because of the low morphology we would need to use ICIS on top of  IVF to guarantee fertilization.

    We decided to go for IVF in early August and it took us until November to complete it. Then, because of swelling, we had to wait another month for the embryo transfer. Unlike previous treatments, IVF is a long haul but if you're interested, I'm willing to chat about what it entails.

    My suggestion is to ask for your records (including test results) and get a second opinion on where you should go next from a different RE. IVF is expensive but there are payment plans and support communities.
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    Here is my story. I went to an RE in town in 2011 he did basic testing on me and one sperm analysis on my husband. The SA came back terrible, very low count and 0 morphology. Told us IVF with ICSI was our only shot. So we of course listened to him I was 31 at the time and went for it, well it didn't work. He told us to try again and we did and it didn't work. I was not responding well to the meds either IVF. But had prefect FSH, E2, mantra follicle count etc. The Dr. basically wrote us off and started talking to us about DE, we told him thanks but no thanks.

    2012 I went to a new clinic Dr. decided to test me and husband all over again. I tested great again but this dr tested my AMH, which the other dr would not test that and it came back low showing that I had Diminishing Ovarian Reserve and was a poor responder. Husbands SA came back MUCH better and his morphology came back as normal. He went and saw an urologist and again had another sperm analysis and it looked better. Again still low count in the 15 million and lower. Our new Dr was convinced we could do an IUI so we said ok. We did 2 IUI's with injections, FSH, menopur, ganerillix and trigger shot with no luck. WE decided to consult with Dr. Schoolcraft in CO and he told us IVF was our only option. 

    in the meantime my husband and I got healthier, he lost about 20 lbs, I did the exact same as him and only lost 6 (the joys of being a women). He took a cocktail of vitamins, Vitamin C and D, fish oils, a male fertility vitamin and more. Anyway we both got tested again in 2013 to see how things were looking and things look better for us both, so my dr said lets try one more IUI. I told her I would do it if she pumped me with drugs like a 40 year old women, since we knew I would not overstimulate or be octomom with my poor eggs. And we did and I got pregnant with twins, my DH sperm count was 33 MILLION that time and it was amazing. We lost a twin and ended up having a beautiful baby boy. 

    Here we are in 2015 and I am trying again, my AMh is even lower and DH's count is low again and his concentration is even lower. I am on all the injections again and not responding well, the worst ever. We had to cancel our last IUI last month. So we shall see for this month. 

    Keep your head up, I know that it can be so confusing. Just don't forget that men reproduce sperm every 90 days and he can try his best to do things to improve them. Not always going to work but at least there is a shot. With us ladies what we have is what we have. Good luck! 


    ME- 35    DH- 40
    TTC #1 
    IVF#1 w ICSI- 4/20/11 ER, 6 Eggs, 4 Fertilized, 4/25/11 5 day ET, 2 blasts- 5/4- Beta= BFN- No Frosties 

    IVF #2 w ICSI-6/21/11 ER, 4 Eggs, 2 Fertilized, 6/24/11 3 day ET 2 embryos- Beta 7/5/11- BFN- No frosties.
    NEW RE
    IUI #1- started 50ius of follistim 1/25, IUI 2/3/12 - BFN
    AMH-0.73- DOR 2/2012

    IUI #2- 3/17/12 started 200ius of Follistim , 3/24/12 added ganirelix, 225ius Follistim and 75ius of repronex, IUI- 3/30/12, Beta April 13, 2012-BFN

    Appointment with Dr. Schoolcraft at CCRM July 18, 2012
    AMH tested again 1/2013- 1.4!!!!
    IUI #3- 1/14/13 started 200ius of Follistim, 1/20/13 added menopur and ganirelix, IUI 1/25/13. Positive HPT 2/6/13- Beta #1- 193- BFP!!! 2/8/13-Beta#2-426.6
    2/26 ultrasound #1- TWINS!
    Delivered a healthy beautiful baby boy on 10/17/13 10ls. 2 ounces

    TTC #2 
    IUI #4 cancelled due to only one egg responding 
    IUI#5 cancelled on CD 10,  (3) follicules were still very small even on 300 IU's of Follistim. Also found fluid in my uterus from C-section scar
    BFP- 8/9/15 
    Beta #1 8/10/15 13DPO-   9.2 (fingers crossed this sticks)
    Beta #2 8/12/15 15DPO   39- progesterone 18 
    Beta #3 8/14/15    111- progesterone 17.5
    Ultrasound August 31- 

    PAIF or SAIF Welcome


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