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Worried new mommy

So I'm newly pregnant. I'm only seven weeks. But because I'm in the army and went to the tmc to get the blood test my whole unit got notified that I was pregnant. I'm just worried since they say the first 12 weeks are the easiest to miscarry, now instead of it just being my business, everyone is gonna know. :( just need advice on how to deal with the early months and the army aspect. And advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks

Re: Worried new mommy

  • Honestly just relax and don't stress. Stress is definitely not healthy.
  • Are there any other women with kids in your unit? If everyone already knows, maybe you could ask their advice on how they dealt with it.
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  • Not everyone needs to know. I told my commander and he didn't say anything until I was ready to share the news.
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