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c section and breastfeeding???

How long does it usually take to recover from c section? And does anyone have any suggestions on easiest ways to wake baby up to breastfeed? Yesterday at 5:45 pm I gave birth to my beautiful babygirl! By c section..apparently my pelvis is to small to have her normally :'( I've never had surgery before so I'm really nervous about how I'm supposed to try and heal and take care of my newborn baby girl at the same time. Also she's a super hard sleeper no matter what I do to try and wake her to nurse she just won't do it. Any suggestions??

Re: c section and breastfeeding???

  • I know its been a few days since you posted, but when I had to wake my baby to feed in the early days I'd usually take all clothes off to the diaper & try to dribble a little bit of milk on her mouth to get her going.  Sometimes I'd also tickle her feet by dragging a finger along the bottom if she started to doze while eating.  Sometimes I couldn't get her to stay awake long enough to eat in the early days, so I'd just pump what she didn't eat and save it for my freezer stash.  I know they say to wake to feed, but I usually let my babies sleep...unless we were pushing 4-5 hours between, then I'd wake them up and at least attempt to feed.  They both turned into chunky babies by their 2nd month - almost doubling birth weight...so 'skipping' some feedings didn't hurt them at all.

    As for recovery from a c-section and taking care of a new born...I've had two c-sections, and let me tell you, for me, the first one was WAY easier to recover from than the second.  I didn't have stitches or staples for the first, so I think that was part of it & I also wasn't chasing after a two year old.  BUT...just take it very easy.  I kept a lot of what I'd need close by to wherever I ended up sitting/laying down (diapers, wipes, blankets, water, etc.)  Also, take the pain medication they give you.  I have a really high tolerance for pain, but found that taking it took the edge off just enough to feel like a person instead of an invalid - when I was awake.

    Just take it easy, I'd say by about 3 weeks PP I was feeling almost like myself and could move freely for the most part.  Newborns don't require a lot of entertainment, just snuggles, feeding and diapers.  The biggest thing I didn't do with my first that I definitely did with my second was accept the help that was offered.  If someone offers to carry something for you, get something or do something, let them.  You're not only recovering from child birth but from major surgery that affects a major muscle group in mobility & stability.  I let my husband do so much more for me the second time around, recovery, while it did take a little longer, was easy.
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