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I am looking for anyone that has used their labor and delivery recently. How was it? Did you have your own room? Do you feel like your needs were met? I'm due 11/21. Any experience you have would be great.

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  • I haven't seen for myself but my doctor told me it was recently remodeled and you get your own room. You can take the tour, I called to get the tour but since I'm not due until next year they asked me to wait
  • I just took the tour. They are in the middle of a remodel, but rooms are private. I felt reassured after taking the tour. I'm due in one week and I hope to share my experience afterwards.
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  • I delivered there 2 years ago and will again in February. I had my own room and had a wonderful experience. I love the midwives and the nurses... They were so supportive and attentive. They even took my girl for a little while one night when she wouldn't stop crying so I could get some sleep! I am looking forward to labor in and delivering there again with our second child.
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