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Introducing Myself :D

Hello!! I am a FTM at 27 weeks right now and I have finally come to the decision with my SO to go with an unmedicated birth. He and my mother will be in delivery room with me assisting and coaching me through it. We are so excited to go this route and I have been doing a lot of research in the past few weeks and I still seem to be a little lost. I have the generic childbirth classes that are offered through my hospital coming up. Is the pain tolerance offered in those classes usually good enough to assist with laboring pain? I have checked into the Bradley Method to get extra help, but it looks like they don't have any around my area that would work for our timing. I would LOVE any suggestions on how to ensure that I get *as close* to my birth plan as possible! I am so glad to be a part of this group and only wish I would have found you all a bit earlier!! :D

Re: Introducing Myself :D

  • Hi there, congratulations and welcome.

    I've had two fabulous natural births. I do put a lot of it down to luck, in that my labours were both reasonably short, so I didn't hit the wall of exhaustion and having to force myself through that some labouring Mums face.

    I find that I tend to panic when the contractions start to get intense, and I have to really remind myself to relax as each contraction builds.

    I'm in NZ so I have no idea what is covered in your hospital classes. Our general ante natal classes simply covered the options of drugs, and outlined some of the interventions that could become necessary. They also talked a bit about different positions and movements that are good for labour to encourage baby to move down through the birth canal in a good position, so obviously that's aimed at people who intend not to use the epi and will be able to be up and moving around.

    What I found great about the sheet of different positions you might find comfortable in labour, was that on the day I just did what felt best, but in the back of my mind I remembered that what I was instinctively doing was also my body working with gravity (I prefer standing and then slowly squatting through each contraction and rolling my hips, using something to lean on) to move the baby down.

    So I would say definitely read lots of positive birth stories, and be informed so you know what to expect, try and stay rested and nourished during early labour so that you have energy for the long haul, and try and relax as much as possible. After that it's really just a matter of seeing how it all goes.

    Best wishes to you!
    Elizabeth 5yrs old Jane 3yrs old

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