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Adopting in the UK

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Has anyone adopted a child in the UK? Is so, what was the experience like? Did you adopt a child with special needs? Everybody I know who has adopted in the UK has adopted a child with special needs. Is there a shortage of children who don't have special needs? I'm a bit shy about asking these families as I don't want to cause any offence. Also people around me would also presume that I would want to adopt a child with special needs as I grew up in a family with special needs children.

Re: Adopting in the UK

  • In the UK most children available for adoption will be over the age of 5, a sibling group or likely have some special need be it behavioral or physical. That does not mean all will by any means but the more of those factors you are open to when it comes to adopting the more likely you will be matched sooner.

    Look on BAAF website and also if you go on- be my parent. You can get an idea of the children in need to families.

    I think a lot depends on your area and it would be worth calling your councils adoption centre or maybe a private one and see what they have to say. They will be sure to answer most of your questions.

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