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Dr doesn't do VBAC

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I just scheduled my first appointment for baby #2.  I had a c-section with my first due to her being breech.  That is when I found out that the practice does not even offer a VBAC.  I might be OK with it but at least thought I would get the choice.  I love my OB and cannot imagine switching now.  Anyone else been told this before?
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Re: Dr doesn't do VBAC

  • Lots of people are told this.  Sometimes it's the doctor's choice, sometimes it's hospital policy.  It's unfortunate either way.  

    I would see him/her for the first appointment and discuss this with them at that point.  If they don't do VBACs, decide what you want to do more, stay with your current doctor or attempt a VBAC. Depending on where you are, your doctor could possibly recommend someone else in the area that possibly delivers at a different hospital.  You can also do some internet searching and probably find some possible providers to interview.

    Congratulations and good luck!
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  • when i was discharged 4 years ago from my c/s with DD I was told that hospital did not do vbacs.  I ended up with a great OB who did an awesome incision and stitches from the section, but I really want to vbac next time.  I have an appt with her next month for my annual and I plan on asking her for recommendations on doctors that do great c/s again if it comes to that.  Our insurance doesn't cover that hospital anymore so it's time to find a new one.  We will TTC next Jan.
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  • I would recommend finding your local ican group. They should have good resources to find a provider if you really want a Vbac. Fwiw we are traveling 2.5 hours for delivery and even if I chose a rcs I would still chose to drive to see this team
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  • I agree with all the above... if you want to try for a VBAC then I would swap providers asap. I've learned that a lot of the time it is the hospital and not always your doctor (although some doctors see one bad VBAC experience and decide they don't want to offer them). What's silly to me is that a lot of hospital's don't offer VBAC due to the possibility of needing an emergency CS with a VBAC, but they would need to have that option available for any mom bc things can happen even if you haven't had a CS before. 

    Either way, if you really want to try for a VBAC I suggest looking for a new doctor. If you just absolutely love your doctor and they won't offer the chance of a VBAC then you have to ask if you're ok with a repeat CS. If you're ok with a RCS but didn't like your first CS experience maybe you can look into a "family CS" or a more natural CS where you as the mom are more involved in the birth of the baby. 

    Good luck with whatever you decide. 

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