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Taking away the pacifier was a huge mistake - help!

I'm hoping someone here will be able to help, or at least commiserate. Our (just turned) 2 year old used pacifiers for sleep for almost her whole life, 3 weeks ago I poked holes in them, explained how binkies break when you become a big girl, gave some special treats, and then took them away all together a day later. With binkies she slept well and went to bed extremely easily, but the last three weeks have been horrible. Unless she is absolutely exhausted she'll fight sleep for over an hour, crying, yelling, asking for water and a song, etc.

Has anyone out there had experience with this? Everyone I know says their kid was over it in a few days.

I'm also wondering if it was just bad timing as our usually grey weather turned to sunshine and heat just as we took the binkies away, does anyone else notice that summer weather wrecks the sleep routine?

Any help is much appreciated - even if it is just sharing what falling asleep looks like for your toddler - thank you!


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    My DD, 18 months, still uses her paci at naps and bedtime but I've been reading about breaking it entirely. She may do it on her own, as she weaned herself off it outside the crib on her own before a year and seems to be much less dependent now. One thing I've read is that having another source of comfort can help. Does your DD have a lovey? My DD sleeps with a favorite blanket, stuffed animal, book, and water sippy and all have provided her comfort over the paci at times.
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  • I was trying to get her interested in stuffed animals with this in mind, but it didn't seem to work. We did have to take away the sleepsack at the same time as the pacifier due to warmer weather, and I think that may be part of the issue. Hopefully putting her back in that will help, I think I'll try leaving a water sippy with her as well. Thank you for your feedback and good luck with breaking your DD's binky habit too!
  • She's not ready to ditch the binky. Give it back, and try again in a few months.
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  • I know you said this is answered, but im just gonna put what worked for us for anyone else that looks...just in case anyone cares ;)

    We ended up taking them all away. took the one in the worst condition and cut the end off of it. we cut it just a smidge off the plastic. we told her it was broken and she had misplaced the others so this was it. She cried for the first 3 nights a bit but eventually subsided. we are paci free now and its been about 3 months!

  • It always helps to hear what worked for other folks! I think we are in the clear now, after I posted I went back to a super strict bedtime routine and that seemed to help a lot. She still doesn't quite get as much sleep as she did with the pacifier, but things are much better now.

    Looking back, I agree with Soleil3. She wasn't ready, but we had made it that far and I didn't want to backtrack. If I have another binky lover next time around I'm not going to rush getting rid of it!

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