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*** 1st Tri Checkin - 07/06/2015 *** NEW CHECKIN LEADER NEEDED!

NEW CHECKIN LEADER NEEDED - I will be 14 weeks next Tuesday, so I need one of you lovely ladies to take over the checkin after that!  Please step up - I promise it's not too much work. Feel free to PM me if you have any questions!

This is a weekly checkin for members in their 1st trimester. Congrats to everyone that has made it to this check-in! Feel free to post your updates here until your 14th week.  

Please post below and include your EDD and how many beans you have. (And let me know if I have any info wrong!)  How far along are you this week? Any appointments or other updates?

QOTW:  How did you know/decide you were ready to have a child?  And also, do you want to take over the checkin? :)


Last week in 1st Tri!  I know there’s not currently a 2nd Tri Checkin but you can start one up…it’s not so hard, I promise!  :)  (if nobody else does, I'll start it when I get there :p)

@Daggermouth - 01/04/16 - 1 bean - Hooray for your great Mat21 test and congrats on Team Blue!!
@kbeck008 - 01/05/16 - 1 bean - 
@TheNaijaGal - 01/08/16 - 1 bean - 
@somewhereinafrica - 01/08/2016 - 1 bean - Your update made me teary-eyed - so glad your app't went so well!  Yay for a "baby high" :)


@andimegie325 - 01/10/2016 - 1 bean - Sorry you have to wait so long for your next app't, I know how frustrating it is to be considered a "normal" pregnant lady all of a sudden. But it IS good that the doc says there's no reason to think anything is wrong!
@marnief - 01/12/16 - 1 bean
@emikat - 01/13/16 - 1 bean - 
@lilbabe2016 - 01/13/16 - 1 bean - 
@emcarl24 - 01/21/16 - 1 bean - Hope the nausea disappears completely!
@baby5395 - 01/26/16 - 1 bean - Big hugs! Your baby will be so very loved :)
@Kelley421 - 01/26/16 - 3 beans - Congrats on the perinatologist!  Yay for graduating :)
@rsottile - 01/27/16 - 1 bean - 

@shelly333 - 02/02/16 - 1 bean - Hope your US was awesome and you get to graduate!  Totally hear you on the bittersweet.
@Knottie4978096 - 02/02/16 - Glad you found an OB. Good luck with the testing!
@CandaceMM - 02/04/16 - 1 bean - 
@Roeni - 02/05/16 - 1 bean - So, so sorry for the loss of Baby A.  I hope you and Baby B are drawing strength from each other.  
@potatocastillo - 02/05/16 - 1 bean - Welcome! Sorry you had a bleeding scare but glad you found out so quickly that it's just an SCH and baby is doing well. 
@kendragrace1215 - EDD? - 1 bean - 
@hopes4baby - 02/26/16 - ? bean(s) - Bonding with your LO in nature sounds beautiful :)
@eekers - 02/27/16 - ? bean(s) - Countdown to your first US is on!

@mrsmellyvann - 03/09/16 - ? bean(s) - Welcome!  FX for happy doubling betas!
Me: 37 | DH: 38 | Married 9/2012, low AMH, high FSH
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Re: *** 1st Tri Checkin - 07/06/2015 *** NEW CHECKIN LEADER NEEDED!

  • Updates: sickness suddenly became worse after last check in. I ended up going the ER for fluids Friday after not holding anything down 36h. The constant nausea and now constant dry heaves/vomiting is really bringing me down. It's hard to get out of bed and I've nearly lost 10#. My nurse mentioned home health for a zofran pump, waiting to hear back after she talks to RE.
    QOTW : my first child was an oops - stupid barely 20y old with poor decision making skills. I felt guilty already that DD would be 6/7years older than her sibling, so DH and I planned to baby make ASAP after our wedding. Neither of us wanted to be "older" parents and time was ticking!

    Two years, two losses and three IUIs...

    We are having TRIPLETS!

    EDD 1/26/16

     GGB born November 2015!

  • Hello!
    I hope your (and everyone else's) holiday went well! Ours was productive, eventful but uneventful at the same time lol. 
    We had our first regular OB appt last Wednesday and everything is good. No U/s but we did hear the hb of 166 at 10w2d. Our next appt is 7/30....so long to wait!

    QOTW: We were together a million years before getting married and absolutely wanted a child, so we started trying immediately after we tied the knot. And finally...7 years later we have a good viable pregnancy!
    I have one week left of the 1st tri, so it wouldn't be much use for me to take over 

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  • Turns out I still have things to share! Either the baby really likes or really hates fireworks, because I felt movement for the first time! It's not like anything I expected, or was told, though I suppose the sensation is hard to describe :D when I got home the next day I used my doppler and could hear the movement too! It made for a perfect weekend.

    QOTW: How did you know/decide you were ready to have a child?

    I'm a hopeless romantic, even if I don't show it all the time. As soon as I met DH I knew he was it, the one I would marry and have a family with. I knew from early on I may not be able to have children due to severe endometriosis, and had pretty much resigned myself to living a childless life before I met DH. After about a year and ½ of dating and living together, I became spontaneously pregnant which was more than I ever dreamed! Unfortunately we lost that pregnancy because I had what we now know to be hyperemisis, but I knew then that I wouldn't settle for a childless life. FFW almost 9 years and the dream is coming to fruition :)

    8 Years
    2 Miscarriages
    2 Ectopic Pregnancies
    1 Round of Clomid
    1 Fresh IVF Cycle
    1 Bean and 5 Frosties!
  • @MARNIEF, you were a great check in leader!
    Thanks so much for your time and caring to all in the first tri.
  • First US today. 2 passengers on board. Normal size and heart rates 130-145 which I was told was good (they are happy over 120).

    I realized that I was ready after I had breast cancer treatment and was holding a medication in my hand that if I started to take it, I wouldn't be able to get pregnant. I didn't want to take the medication yet. It is postponed under after I give birth.
  • Hello!
    So I had a great weekend visiting friends and was more active than I have been in months! I still felt great from seeing the scan..Sickness is reduced and manageable most of the time. Dinner is my main issue as I rarely want to eat at night still. But energy and general nausea is lifting had me so excited and happy. Then last night I had a small bleed. I am starting to think its when I go in the car too much and maybe the terrible bumpy roads are just too much for me still. Heard baby on the Doppler today a few times just to check and all is loud and clear.

    I'm going with this is just something that is going to happen to me during pregnancy and not getting too worked up now over it. Seeing the scan reassured me so much and I just feel so pregnant now.

    I started thinking I was making it up but I can swear I feel something like movement . Kind of like little tickles inside ... Started when at 13w so 2 days ago. My mum said she felt her first really early so maybe I'm not imaging things but it keeps catching my attention.

    We always wanted kids since very early on when we meet we knew we wanted a baby and we were going to adopt. We were trying on and off for a while but nothing was happening. I think being told we couldn't made us decide to go for it because I am still young and we felt the longer we waited the less of an option falling pregnant would be. We were already on the adoption path but at the time we were fulfilling some eligibility requirements like being married for long enough etc and now they have both kind of collided at the same time. I guess I was putting out some serious baby vibes ....

  • Heard the heartbeat on the doppler at my first OB appt after being released from RE. 175! I've been so nervous, but at a little over 11 weeks I'm starting to feel better. Next ultrasound is next Monday and I'm so excited to see the bean again.

    QOTW: I've always wanted kids and my husband and I started trying soon after we got married. I didn't have a specific moment, but after years of trying I am so so happy to be here.
  • marniefmarnief member
    edited July 2015
    Howdy, all! Really really hope someone steps up to take over the checkin - it's so nice to have this little community, right? So keep it going! :)

    Had my 13-week US yesterday, and Yoda was dancing up a storm, waving and moving her head and legs and everything. Amazing. We saw a foot - which the US tech measured at 1.1cm - which is approximately the size of DD1's big toe! NT measurement was great (1.57) and it was just a great day. Doc expects me to be back on real food soon, and suggested intry drinking nutrition in the meantime - smoothies or Ensure or things along those lines, and also to try frozen things like frozen fruit pops. Last night I had chicken soup for dinner along with my bread, so that was a start!

    QOTW: When we got married, I was 34 and DH was 35. He was ready to start trying right away, but I wasn't. I wanted to have a year of just us. We bought a house and knew we'd be moving in around 9 months into our marriage, and we compromised by agreeing to start trying once we were settled. So a few weeks before the move - right before I turned 35 - I had a "preconception visit with my ob/gyn, and that was when I had the blood test that showed my AMH was only 0.4. Because of my age, she said we didn't get to try on our own at all, we had to go straight to an RE. Up until that moment, I still wasn't ready - but once it seemed like the choice was being taken away from me and I might not be able to have a baby at all, I was completely ready. Because I'm really a 3-year-old at heart, I guess!
    Me: 37 | DH: 38 | Married 9/2012, low AMH, high FSH
    First-ever BFP after IUI #4 (Follistim) - Baby Girl born (36w2d) 8/8/2014!
    TTC #2 since Feb 2015
    BFP 5/4/15
  • RoeniRoeni member
    Loss Mentioned

    This is a really tough post to write.  A little over a week ago we lost Baby B and yesterday Baby A looked great.  Well I had my first OB appointment today and this baby no longer had a heartbeat.  We used our last 2 embryos and now we are crushed.  I am leaving the boards for awhile, but I will be back.  We won't give up.  I am devastated this pregnancy is over, but as soon as my body is ready we will start over. Hopefully that will be next month. Good luck to everyone.

  • @Roeni, I'm so, so, so sorry dear! That is terrible news. Please know my thoughts are with you and your family.
  • @Roeni I'm terribly sorry love:( wishing you a quick recovery and future happiness. ((Hugs))

    8 Years
    2 Miscarriages
    2 Ectopic Pregnancies
    1 Round of Clomid
    1 Fresh IVF Cycle
    1 Bean and 5 Frosties!
  • @Roeni I am so, so sorry for you loss. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers and sending my best wishes fur physical and emotional healing. Hope to see you back here as soon as the time is right.
    Me: 37 | DH: 38 | Married 9/2012, low AMH, high FSH
    First-ever BFP after IUI #4 (Follistim) - Baby Girl born (36w2d) 8/8/2014!
    TTC #2 since Feb 2015
    BFP 5/4/15
  • I am deeply sorry! I wish you and your partner healing and strength as you recover. All the best to you and your family!
  • @roeni, I know there are no words to bring comfort right now, but please know that everyone is thinking of you and yours
  • Oh my gosh no! I'm so very sorry @Roeni for your tremendous loss.
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