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Need a New OB GYN in Philly suburbs

My current OB GYN only delivers at Phoenixville Hospital and I don't want to deliver there.  Anyone have recommendations for an OB who delivers at Paoli or Chester County Hospitals?  I'm so torn! Help please!

Re: Need a New OB GYN in Philly suburbs

  • Hi there! I posted the same question a few days ago and haven't had any responses. I've done a little research online and am thinking of going with Paoli Obgyn. I've heard from a few people that Main line obgyn in collegeville is too large of a practice. My neighbor also said she had a good experience at Great Valley Obgyn. It's a tough decision. Did you make a decision or hear anything about good obgyn doctors for Paoli hospital?
  • I go through the Paoli OBGYN practice. They are so helpful and supportive. They deliver at Paoli Hospital.
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  • Hi ladies, I was thinking of doing penn medicine all the way. They have areas all over Chester, and Delco counties and I've heard great things.
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  • tboslet said:
    Hi ladies, I was thinking of doing penn medicine all the way. They have areas all over Chester, and Delco counties and I've heard great things.
    I'm doing Penn Medicine all the way.  I'm due in 5 weeks so I can't attest to the actual hospital experience, but so far my visits have been great.  I primarily go to Radnor and they have a nurse practitioner who sees patients in the evening, as late as 8:15 p.m.  It's really convenient. 
  • I am currently going to Main Line Women's Health in Bryn Mawr and they deliver at Bryn Mawr Hospital. I really like them so far.
  • I recommend Main Line OBGYN. They have practices all over the Main Line and in Collegeville. There are 9 docs in the practice and I loved each one of them. I didn't find the practice to be too big as PP said. I always got a phone call back immediately when I had a question and a few times they had me come in to the office the same day to put my mind at ease. I delivered in June and had a wonderful experience. I plan to use them in the future for sure!
  • I'm curious as to why you don't want to deliver at Phoenixville Hospital?  I only ask because I'm planning on delivering there.  Is there something I should know about them?  When I had my D&E there after my MMC with my first baby, the staff was so great to me.  I am currently with Valley Forge OBGYN and had a bad experience with Main Line OBGYN with my first pregnancy.  I agree with what @lmack24 said about the Collegeville office being too large of a practice.  The waiting room was ALWAYS packed and the wait was always long.  They treated me like I didn't matter and I dealt with a very rude, unfeeling nurse practitioner who discovered my MMC and offered no sympathy, just, "So, here's your options..."  They also do their D&E's in-office, which apparently is not the norm.
  • I don't know if this will be helpful to you. But is doylestown too far? It's about 30 minutes for me and totally worth it. There's a great Ob (dr Dinesen) and he does c sections too if you ended up needing one. I had to go for none stress tests twice a week starting at 28 weeks and the drive was totally worth it. He has a great bed side manor and is very efficient and smart. Felt great with him. Good luck!
  • Also the Doylestown hospital is fairly small! It doesn't feel crowded ever and their labor rooms and recovery rooms are nice although the recovery rooms are slightly small which I preferred because I didn't want a lot of people around my newborn. Also the nurses are all different with different opinions and advice and they switch off every six hours or something so you're not stuck with just one person who you may not like. They offer baby to sleep in your room or the nursery and send lactation consultants in every day to help you. If you have any questions please ask!
  • Hey ladies! Im also going to Valley Forge Obgyn in Phoenixville. Is this the group that only delivers at Phoenixville Hospital? I would like to deliver at Bryn Mawr, Paoli, or Chester County. I have only had one appointment there at Valley Forge obgyn since I've been pregnant (was going there previously for annuals) and when I went in i was surprised that the 1st appointment i was in and out in 15 minutes exactly for an annual AND a first prenatal. I thought they were kind of rushed and left there feeling like more of a number to them than a patient.

    Also, this is my first so maybe this appointment is normal? My next doctors appointment is at the 13 week mark (last one was at my 9th week mark)  Any advice is helpful!
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