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Boy names

here is our list of names for our little boy due in July. which one sounds better? David is a family name.
Hugh David
Ewan David
Miles David
Jasper David
Jude David
Logan David
Gage David
Thanks so much for your opinions!

Re: Boy names

  • I like Ewan and Jude.
  • BornMamaBornMama member
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    I like Hugh. I can see why it's at the top of your list! I think it's by far the winner.
    I also like "David Hugh"

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  • Hugh then Jasper then Miles.......I don't care for the others
  • I like Hugh, Miles, And jasper
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  • Jasper & Miles
  • Logan, Miles, or Jasper are my favorites.

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  • Miles and Jasper are my favorites. Great list!
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  • Jude and Logan

  • Logan, Jasper, and Jude are my favorites!
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  • bbiutmcphbbiutmcph member
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    I like them all except Gage and Logan. They just seem so trendy and lacking in comparison to the rest of the list which Is pretty awesome. Jasper, Jude, Ewan and Hugh are my favorite and Miles is also nice. Jude is my pick if I have to choose one

  • Love Miles. It is a GP name for me, but I cant use it because it sounds stupid with my last name

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  • I like Miles best. Instead of Gage, have you considered Gabriel (Gabe)? Gabriel David flows really well.
  • 4N6s4N6s member
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    Jasper is unique
  • ZimgerZimger member
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    I like Hugh best with David as a middle name.

    My favorite from the list is Jude but I don't like how it sounds with David.
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  • Jasper or Jude
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