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small white bump

My 13 month old son has a small white bump on the outside of his lower lip.  I'm not concerned enough about it to take him to the doctor but I wanted to see if anyone has any insight as to what it might be.  It doesn't seem to bother him at all.  It's been there for a couple of weeks. 

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  • I was just lurking and saw this - my 10 month old had a small white bump on one of his fingers that looked just like a zit. Even my pedi tried to pop it, and nothing. She told me to watch it, and if it got red and angry looking, or got bigger, to call. I've been keeping an eye on it - he's had since about 6 months, and now Ive noticed it looks like its actually going away - the bump is less pronounced and more flesh toned. A friend of mine saw it when he was probably 7 months old and said "oh he has a little calcium deposit" but I never really took it for much since this friend is not medically trained in any way - but now that its going away, Im almost wondering if that's exactly what it was.
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  • My son has one on his penis, its a calcium deposit.  They will come and go every so often.  Double check with your pedi next time though or if anything with it changes at all.
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