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Feeling depressed - not like me!

I've found myself incredibly blue lately - and surprisingly so. Living a wonderful life - great husband, good job, our first baby on the way and a very healthy pregnancy!

But I feel kind of out and out depressed. Tears brimming for no direct reason, mind feeling totally full but not thinking about much at all.

I try to fix it - go for runs, see friends, read a book, eat ice cream, but it clears my mood for half a day at most then I'm back to zapped and sad.

Maybe starting to fear the transition - have had two dreams in the past two days that the baby arrived months early and we weren't ready.

I'm disappointed! I feel like this should be one of my golden times in life... But I'm just letting it pass by in a sad daze! : (

Have never had depression before and only a brief, minor case of anxiety. This just feels so strange.

How do I get rid of it??

Re: Feeling depressed - not like me!

  • Me too. I was on a med before pregnancy. My doctor said it's OK to keep on taking it during pregnancy as well but I've been trying to tough it out. Might reevaluate if I keep feeling this way though.
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    Thanks! Both helpful and a relief.
    I'll bring it up and see what she says.

    In the meantime, I'm medicating with a cookie which has helped.

    Thanks, again.
  • lgt22 said:
    Thanks! Both helpful and a relief. I'll bring it up and see what she says. In the meantime, I'm medicating with a cookie which has helped. Thanks, again.
    I have depression and anxiety.  It gets worse with major life changes and hormone fluctuations (Hello pregnancy, lol.)  Eating your feelings is sometimes helpful.  :) 
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    Same. I'm just in a funk. I'm sad, stressed and I feel like I could blow a gasket!! I've been on medicine for anxiety for a long time, and I never considered myself depressed. After my first, the post partum depression was unbearable. I went back on medicine a few months after I had him. With my second, I went back on medicine in the hospital and that helped tremendously...for myself and those around me. It takes a little while to kick in but I felt like I could keep it together. I guess my point is that hormones are a funny thing. And as wonderful as having a family and having babies is...it is hard. Really hard some days. People don't like to "talk" about how sad this experience can be bc it's supposed to be magical. And it is...but motherhood effects you in all sorts of ways! If you continue to feel this way I suggest you talk to your doc so you can be prepared after delivery to get help...it doesn't necessarily get easier. Good luck!
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  • Depression is extremely common in pregnancy and after pregnancy. Being honest with yourself, your partner, and your doctor are great first steps and very important! Together you can figure out the best plan for you :)
  • This is completely normal as pps have said. As a labor nurse I recommend talking to your doctor though, as this can lead to postpartum depression which can be pretty detrimental to you & baby. Not to scare you- just something to be aware of! :) information is key. Good luck and take care
  • My biggest fear after my son gets here is have postpartum depression.. I was diagnosed with Depression at age 12 and took medicine until I was 17.. I still have days where I'm just depressed and don't want to get out of bed.. Most days are good but I have this fear that I'll get postpartum after everything is said and done..
  • While it's very common it is something you need to talk to your doctor about. Get some help now before the baby is born so it doesn't become worse, or at least they know what to keep an eye on.
    I hope you can get some support.
  • It's totally normal to feel down sometimes. This is a huge life change bundled in with a bunch of hormones! But I agree with PP that you should talk to your doctor about it. And food is always good!
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